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With the new year fast approaching, we thought it would be a good idea to get the word out about Uptivity Apps, and our goals for 2021. We got in contact with the lovely Northern Insight; a North East-based business and leisure magazine. With them, we ran a full-page ad, showing the kinds of services we could provide their readership, which was an exciting first for Uptivity!

Our goal when we reached out to Northern Insight, was to share with their readership how our we at Uptivity, could help their businesses grow over the next year. After such a difficult year for businesses across the region, it was important to us that we were able to reach the SME’s who had been hardest hit by the pandemic. It was easy enough to come up with a talking point, with such a diverse suite of apps, and we settled on how our app, MaintainPad, could well be the handy piece of tech that every property manager needs going into 2021.

CEO Muhammad Ali describes MaintainPad as: ‘Your One-Stop Maintenance Management System’. In our opinion, this hits the nail on the head! With access to a wide range of our apps, MaintainPad allows any kind of property manager, whether they work in student accommodation or high-rise flats, the ability to manage their properties within a one-package solution. MaintainPad has it all covered; from fixing repairs, to collecting tenant feedback!

With the addition of our apps, AssetManagement and KeysManagement, our RFID technology and QR labels makes keeping track of keys, and assets such as drills and boilers, completely effortless. With this technology you can check each item in and out, so that it is impossible not to know who is in possession of each asset. The same labels can be scanned by contractors and tenants, to find out the repair history and to receive a ‘how to use’ guide respectively, reducing the number of unnecessary callouts.

With our included app DigitalDocuments, landlords would also be able to keep track of contracts and remain COVID-compliant by reducing the number of in–person meetings needed.

The Northern Insight Christmas Edition is available both online and in print now! 


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