Fully branded App for Building Suppliers to take direct and repeat orders from their customers 

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For a building supplier Ecommerce store, apps for taking orders are essential for the integrity of their business. It’s a front-end panel from where your customer is going to place the order. Therefore, its integrity is crucial for a positive impression on your customers.  

That’s why JustSell, is an online Ecommerce solution for building supplier merchants. We’ve added an all-new application for merchants for taking orders. Not just that, our package is customizable. From your logo to your custom theme colour, everything is customizable in the order-taking app. 

How JustSell’s App for Placing Orders is Better Than Other Solutions 


Here are proven ways of how JustSell’s building Ecommerce platform order taking app is better than other competitors: 

Increase Customer Engagement 


Our application is 100% customizable as per your needs. From the theme colour, design and logo, the whole app is customizable as per the customer. With this strategy, the merchant can increase their customer engagement. They can add their custom feature, discount menu, theme colour and logo as per their audience.  

Increase Your Brand’s Authority 


Unlike other solutions which add their name, theme colour and credits. However, our solution lets you take complete credibility. This concept, it’ll develop a brand’s integrity in the customer’s mind. And will develop a branded image in the customer’s mind. 

Ease of Purchase 


With Just Sell’s branded app, you offer your customers an ease of purchase model. Instead of them visiting your e-store every time the ordering, they can easily install your app and order the product from your application with ease. An application is always the easiest way of placing orders than browsing the store on the web. 

Real-time Inventory Update in POS 


With our application, the inventory of your main POS always stays up to date with the application. For example, if a customer purchases a product, its stock will be updated in real-time. The merchant does not require to manually update the stock in the POS like in other solutions. 

Our branded order-taking app can help you achieve more sales and revenue. Book our live demo to see it in action: 

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