Listen to Feedback, Improve Your Services

Be Heard is a simple and easy to use feedback App that helps your business to:


  • Collect feedback from customers
  • Know what your employees think
  • Analyse feedback and realise how to improve

Let Your Customers Be Heard

  • Ask the questions you want answering and improve your services based off what your customers really want
  • Customers can leave their feedback on their mobiles, tablets, or your other walk-past feedback points
  • With Be Heard’s customised surveys, customer responses can include drop-down answer options, smiley faces and you can collect contact details for marketing.

Value Your Staff, Learn What They Think


  • Create customised surveys to find out what your employees think
  • Surveys can be anonymous and confidential
  • Use your findings to help make your staff happier

Collect Feedback On-The-Go


  • Collect information from passers-by using quick surveys such as smiley face screens
  • Find out what needs improving despite your customers being in a rush
  • On-the-go feedback perfect for busy places such as airports, train stations, museums and shopping centres.

Share the Good News

  • Share your reviews directly through Be Heard
  • We can collect your customers’ reviews and publish them directly onto your website or social media
  • Encourage new customers and look trustworthy by being transparent with your feedback

Restaurant Reviews Made Easy

  • Be Heard is included in Uptivity’s complete Restaurant Management platform, Resinity
  • Find out if your customers enjoyed their meal, how they found the service and collect their details for marketing
  • Collecting customer feedback is crucial to being able to improve your restaurant, food and service

Collect Feedback on Deliveries

  • Combine Be Heard with our Delivery App, Delivity
  • If you are delivering to your customers, receiving feedback on the delivery process is essential for you to make improvements
  • Collect data on anything from drivers, to routes or packaging and understand what makes your customers happy

Smart Workorders

  • Be Heard works well with our Smart Workorders App
  • Learn what your customers think of a service you provided, or a job completed by a contractor
  • Understand what your customers truly want and the best way to provide it for them with Be Heard

Data Safety, Privacy and Security

  • Industry-Standard Data Security; Encrypted and secure communication of data no matter where you access it from. Secure Cloud infrastructure protecting sensitive information and ensuring GDPR-compliance.
  • Peace-of-mind Data Safety and High Availability; ISO Certified Data Centers with 99.9% up-times with regular data backups and disaster recovery to make sure your operations keep running smoothly around the clock.

Who Can Benefit from Be Heard?

Our Pricing

Our pricing can be customised to your business’s specific needs. We offer subscriptions to individual apps and packages tailored for different sectors.

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