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Delivery App for Ecommerce

JustSell, an online Ecommerce solution, now features a dedicated delivery app for managing and tracking all your online deliveries. The major purpose of the delivery app is to give delivery management and tracking on the go to the owner.  

How Does Delivery App Benefits Your Ecommerce Business? 

Delivery apps will make your business efficient, easy and trackable on the go. Here’s how: 

View Basic Information On the Go 

Instead of the owner to use CRM on a PC browser. With the app, they can manage all their deliveries and their analytics on the go through our ecommerce delivery app. 

All the deliveries and their analytics can be seen from the application. However, for other information related to deliveries, the owner might need to use the CRM. For basic analytics, you can use delivery management from your smartphone. 

Take Instant Actions 

In case something goes wrong during the delivery, you can view its information from the app in real time. Unlike CRMs, you don’t need to visit it every time to track the progress.  

With this model, you can track and keep an eye on your deliveries through the smartphone application. Moreover, this model will allow you to take instant action on a dispute or issue without delay for the customer.  

Increased Customer Satisfaction  

With always deliveries tracking, you can view any dispute in real time. This will allow you to resolve the problem and troubleshoot the issue before it affects the delivery timeline. This strategy will help you achieve the promised timelines even with the issues with delivery timelines with our online shipping apps. And every business owner knows that not complying with the promised timeline can effectively reduce the customer’s satisfaction rate. 

Optimised for JustSell 

If you use JustSell, the delivery app will work flawlessly. Unlike Shopify delivery app, our app is 100% optimised for JustSell’s platform. It features real-time updates, and great integration with inventory and your ERP. 

With JustSell’s Ecommerce solution, you can ensure a flawless and efficient delivery system.  Schedule your live demo to see it in action: 

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