Take control of your stock with Manufacturing Inventory Management System

Enhance inventory traceability with batch management and gain real-time insights on your inventory with Invntry Plus

manufacturing inventory management system
inventory management software for manufacturing industry

Keep track of all your inventory

  • Use in-app barcodes and QR scanning to check-in and check-out items
  • Track product details with categorisation and sub-categorisation
  • Trace the journey of each item from the supplier to the point of sale or consumption
  • Easily manage returns, write-offs, and supplier/customer lists with our manufacturing inventory management system
  • Access record of stock movement, including check-ins, check-out and transfers between sites
  • Capture signatures, as a proof of delivery, in the Invntry App

Enhance inventory traceability with batch management

  • Trace the history and movement of each batch for accountability
  • Achieve complete inventory traceability with batch IDs for components and products
  • Ensure quality control by linking checklists to production batches
  • See a list of batches and products that need to be recalled with a single click
  • Streamline processes with automated checklist management
inventory traceability
Custom barcode and QR code integration

Custom barcode and QR code integration

  • Use existing or print your own barcodes and QR codes for inventory items
  • Scan barcodes and QR codes directly from the mobile app
  • Labels come in different sizes, from small items to large pallets, as needed

Simplify inventory tracking with barcode scanning

Remove barriers between your staff and requesting stock

  • Staff can request stock directly from the app, bypassing paper-based processes
  • Approved requests automatically generate electronic purchase orders
  • Orders can be sent manually or automatically to preferred suppliers
manufacturing inventory control software
inventory stock management

Simplify your stock take process

  • Carry out stock audits from a simple and easy to use app
  • CPP works in online and offline mode, in case of working in far corners of the warehouse
  • Maintain accurate stock and inventory levels at all times with manufacturing inventory management system

Manage inventory from multiple sites

  • Centralised manufacturing inventory management system for multiple locations
  • Easily track stock levels and movements across branches or warehouses
  • Keep accurate and up-to-date stock information
cloud inventory management

Other Features

Multi-Channel Selling

Complete Inventory Traceability & Audit Trail for Food Production

The complete traceability & audit trail feature in our inventory management system, guarantees compliance with food safety regulations like ISO, BRC, and HACCP.

Manage Your Own Deliveries

Pre-defined and custom checks

Stock and inventory can be checked at different stages to ensure quality and safety. This is beneficial, especially when you are in a production environment and every component and ingredient needs to be checked.

Multi-Channel Selling

Reporting and Insights within Manufacturing Inventory Management System

Generate reports on crucial metrics. Make informed purchasing decisions thanks to real-time data on stock levels and material consumption. Analyse supplier lead time patterns and ensure timely and cost-effective sourcing of stock and consumables

Manage Your Own Deliveries

Customers and Suppliers Management

Keep control of your stock procurement and the sales of your production items. Know what you are buying and who you are selling to at all times.

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Create custom reports based on your business needs. Setup specific conditions that send you reports automatically or download the reports whenever you need them. Every detail captured from the app is shown in an intuitive graphical report, with photographic evidence of work carried out.
EPoS Integration

Data Safety

Create custom notifications based on your business needs. Setup specific conditions that alert and remind you of important things that need specific person’s attention at the right time.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the main difference between Invntry and Invntry Plus

The main difference between Invntry and Invntry Plus is the set of features. Invntry Plus is a manufacturing inventory management system designed for manufacturing businesses who require tracking of components, ingredients and need full traceability, where Invntry is more of a standard version of our inventory management system, suitable for businesses who need to track their consumables.

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Can I connect my existing accounting software with Invntry Plus (manufacturing inventory software)?

Yes, you can! As long as your accounting software allows integration with cloud based softwares.

Can I set Invntry to send reminders when we are running low on supplies?

You can easily set automated reminders when your stock starts to run below a pre-defined minimum threshold.

How can Invntry Plus provide traceability?

Invntry Plus (Stock Control) collects data of all components and ingredients used in the manufacturing, along with the date, time and user information to provide full traceability.

Can I keep track of what inventory has been used for which of assets and equipment?

Yes! Our manufacturing inventory management system allows you to connect with Uptivity’s Asset Management module which in return gives you details of what inventory items have been used for specific assets.

What industries is Invntry Plus designed for?

Invntry Plus is a manufacturing inventory management system, which means it is perfect for any industry that manufactures products to sell onwards in wholesale, such as food manufacturing, machinery and equipment manufacturing.

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