Customer portal is now part of JustSell B2B Wholesale Ecommerce letting customers access their account details anytime, anywhere 

Customer portal now part of JustSell B2B Wholesale E-commerce letting customers access their account details anytime, anywhere

JustSell is now offering a customer portal software feature to all its wholesale B2B merchants. With the customer portal, the merchants can offer their customers a dedicated CRM to their customers.   

With this strategy, it’ll increase the potential for the business to earn more sales and revenue from the customer. It’ll provide them with ease of purchase, all the details about their current and past orders, and other essential stuff. 

How Customer Portal will Benefit Customer and the Business 

Here’s a detailed description of how our new customer portal will benefit the customer and the business: 

An All-in-One Hub for the Customer 

With our customer portal solutions, you can offer your customers an all-in-one portal. This will include the essential information regarding the order, delivery dates and history. Moreover, it’ll also include the pricing, payment method, and negative or positive balance. In this way, they don’t need to call the merchant every time for their issue.  

More Engagement 

Did you know that 60% of customers leave the platform because of an uncleared ordering process? It could be because of opting them to make a call or email for the order. However, with a customer portal, customers can place their orders from the portal instantly without calling the merchant. This model will increase the engagement and likelihood of the customer placing an order. 

In-depth Details and Reduce Care Costs 

With in-depth details about the customer’s profile including the history of the order, payment details and balance information. This will keep the customers up to date with all the latest and in-depth details of their profiles. Therefore, they’ll not require to call or email every time for specific information. This will eventually reduce the customer care cost in the merchant’s business.  

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