Inventory Management Software for Consumables

Track inventory levels, request stock straight from the app and manage costs with our inventory management software.

Go from a spreadsheet to an app.
Let INVNTRY handle the boring stuff

Inventory Management Software

Manage inventory across multiple sites

  • Keep accurate and up-to-date stock information across all sites
  • Coordinate stock movements, reducing the risk of overstock or stockouts at any location
  • All done from our inventory management software, on one device/one centralised system
Inventory Tracking Software

Fast-track the stock request process

Control costs and analyse inventory performance

Easily integrate with payroll

Set Inventory Alerts

Never lose a sale because you're out of stock

  • Receive real-time notifications when stock levels reach minimum thresholds
  • Utilise data and insights to optimise inventory levels, ensuring you always meet demand
  • Plan and forecast effectively with our inventory management software to avoid stockouts

No more guessing where your stock's gone

  • Use in-app barcodes and QR scanning to check items in and out
  • Access record of stock movement, including check-ins, check-outs, and transfers between sites
  • Easily trace the journey of each item from the supplier to the point of sale or consumption
  • Capture signatures, as a proof of delivery, in the Invntry App
Inventory tracking app
Proof of Delivery

See what gets delivered, when, where and by who

  •  Enhance accountability with documented proof of delivery, including photos and e-signatures
  • Monitor incoming deliveries and track their progress from the inventory management software

Benefit from auto generated reports

  • Generate detailed reports on overall inventory performance
  • Access reports on crucial metrics such as stock levels, consumption patters, and supplier performance
  • Create categories and sub-categories for your products in Invntry
Generate Automated Custom Reports

“We are very happy with the system, it’s made such a difference to our work and your customer service is exceptional!”

Sharon, Broadlands Pottery

Remove barriers between your staff and requesting stock

  • Staff can request stock directly from the app, bypassing paper-based processes
  • Approved requests automatically generate electronic purchase orders in the inventory management software
  • Orders can be sent manually or automatically to preferred suppliers
stock management software
Print your own labels

Use existing or print your own labels

  • Use existing or print your own barcodes and QR codes for inventory items
  • Scan barcodes and QR codes directly from the mobile app
  • Labels come in different sizes, as needed

Simplify inventory tracking with barcode scanning

Looking for a more complex inventory management solution catered towards manufactures and warehouses?

Visit Invntry Plus


Track Stock Levels I Request Stock Straight From The App I Manage Costs


Can I connect my existing accounting software with Invntry?

Yes, as long as your accounting software allows integration with cloud based softwares.

What industries is Invntry designed for?

Invntry is suitable for any industry that uses consumables and have to replenish the stock, such as cleaning companies, food & hospitality industry.

If you are looking for a inventory management software that is more suitable for large warehouses and manufacturers, please visit our Invntry Plus page.

Can Invntry help with keeping track of stock for retail stores?

Invntry can be used to track retail stock, although it is probably NOT best suited for it.

Can I set Invntry to send reminders when we are running low on supplies?

Yes, you can set automated reminders when your stock starts to run below a pre-defined minimum threshold.

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