Take Control of Your Inventory and Stock

Simple and easy-to-use Stock and Inventory Management app that includes:

  • Product details with Categorisation and Sub-categorisation
  • Print your own Barcodes/QR Codes for small items e.g. jewellery boxes to large items e.g. pallets
  • Scan barcodes and QR Codes from mobile app
  • Maintain and be alerted of minimum stock levels
  • Save/view product photos to ensure right products are being taken
  • Allow your workforce to request stock from their App
  • Purchase Orders created and emailed directly to suppliers
  • Stock Check-ins based on purchased items
  • Check-outs tracked based on sales or link to related job/project to track what’s been consumed where
  • Carry out stock takes to maintain accurate levels of stock
  • Control your returns & write-offs accurately, keeping track of everything that happens in your business
  • Maintain Suppliers & Customers List with Purchase and Sales Prices
  • Link Stock Control with your retail systems and webshop
  • Link Stock Control with Accounting Systems
  • Link Stock Control with incoming supplier deliveries and outgoing client orders
  • Analytical Reports on Overall Inventory and Stock in Hand

Tracebility. Completed traceability

  • All stock items get batch IDs, either generated or input
  • Production items use ‘recipe’ templates, then select batch of materials.
  • All the component/ingredients batches get linked to this batch ID
  • Checks done on ingredients & those done on final product, are linked to this batch ID.
  • Just search on batch ID to see batches of components, all tests (clickable) and  where the finished product went.
Bad link in chain is traceable
Food production with checks carried ot

Checklists linked to batches

  • Checklists linked to batches of raw materials/ingredients
  • Checklists attached to ‘recipe’ templates of the final product
  • All checklists attached to the finished product, including those of raw materials
  • All checklists are clickable to see results, signatures, dates etc.

Know what’s in stock, how much and exactly where

  • Every product in your stock room gets a barcode/QR code
  • Categorise and sub-categorise every product to itemise everything
  • Maintain precise location information (branches, warehouses, storage rooms, cabinets & aisles)
  • Record accurate quantities of every item from mobile app anytime anywhere eliminating out-dated stock levels excuses
  • Track real time as items are moved around, handed over, checked out or sold

Own Your Barcodes and QR Codes

  • Print your own Barcodes or QR codes for items that don’t have one
  • App works with a range of label printers small and large, so you get the right label for every type of product from small jewellery boxes to large pallets
  • App works with Manufacturers’ Barcodes and QR codes too, so you don’t have to print your own

Scan & Update Stock levels (with no strings attached)

  • Scan any arcode and QR Code from the simple mobile app
  • No need to use specialist barcode readers or third-party wired equipment or handheld scanners
  • Enabling your staff and workers to keep scanning and updating stock levels anytime, anywhere
  • Simple, cost-effective app giving you real-time stock and inventory levels

Prevent Over Stock and Under Stock

  • With real-time stock data, buy the right amount at the right time
  • Save panic buying just because you don’t know if you have enough items
  • Minimum threshold alerting feature sends auto alerts when to buy more
  • Avoid running out of stock for your production line in manufacturing or operation critical material such as medical supplies

Right Inventory, Right Place, Right Time

  • App allows to take/store photos of the items in stock
  • Scanning the arcode/QR Code displays the photos ensuring they take right stock items out from storage
  • Saving your business, the cost of mistakes such as delivering wrong item to customer or supplying the wrong parts to the production line
  • Maintain and track stock’s movement across your supply chain to ensure it’s on-track to be delivered just in time for your manufacturing and production line

Instant Stock Request, Immediate Ordering

  • App allows your workforce to request low stock from their app
  • Eliminating paper requisition, request if forwarded to the procurement team immediately for approval
  • Upon approval, the system automatically generates electronic Purchase Order that can then be either sent manually to your preferred supplier or system can be set to send automatically to your trusted suppliers

Track Every Incoming, Outgoing and Consumed Stock Item

  • The System knows what’s expected to be delivered by what supplier when and in what quantities as soon as a Purchase Order is created
  • App is used to check-in deliveries with the quantities received by scanning existing barcode on delivered items or using your own barcodes
  • When stock items are sold or consumed, scanning the item from the app reduces the stock levels from quantity in hand
  • App keeps a track if delivered items are less than the original expected items and also if the customer order has been partly fulfilled due to low stock in-hand
  • Workforce updates the reasoning on the app i.e., sales order, production batch, consumed area/department for each stock item movement
  • Keeping a track of every stock and inventory item from start to end

Accurate Costs for Consumables, Production Line and Supplies

  • Keep a track of volumes and quantities being used on each manufacturing production line or consumables used in each department of your business
  • Compare consumption data and make informed decisions on your purchasing of stock, supplies, inventory and consumables
  • Easily identify potential leaks within the business of the stock items are being misused or going missing
  • Work out accurate costs of your production or consumables based on department, client, supplier, your finished product’s cost of materials or cost of materials on a specific job/projec

Stock Takes Made Easy

  • Carry out stock audits from a simple and easy to use app
  • No need to have internet connectivity- cpp works in offline mode, in case you’re working in far corners of warehouse
  • Stock and inventory audits at your fingertips
  • Maintain accurate stock and inventory levels at all times

Never Lose Sight of Returns and Write-off’s

  • All returned items from your workforce or your customers returns are easily scanned back in the stock
  • All write-off’s and damaged stock items are recorded with valid reasoning with an e-signature
  • Review and audit return and write-off’s easily straight from the Aapp

Manage Suppliers and Purchase Pricelists

  • Maintain and manage pricelists of the stock and inventory items within the stock control to ensure you’re buying from the right suppliers at the right price
  • Send official Purchase Orders direct from Stock Control to your preferred suppliers for your desired quantities
  • Maintain purchase history of quantities ordered, actual delivered with record of who took the delivery and when for complete audit trail

Stock Control works well with Delivity (Delivery Management App)

  • Ensure correct stock items are delivered to the right places accurately
  • Whether it’s a customer order or consumables being delivered, the stock check-in and check-out procedure connects with Delivity to make sure right items are delivered to the right place with a proof of delivery (photograph or e-signature)
  • Ensures the right items are being loaded on to the delivery vehicle by scanning the barcode/QR code and also during delivery un-loading at destination for correct items delivered at the correct location

Reporting and Insights on Inventory and Stock items

  • System comes standard with reporting and insights for you to generate reports on various key indicators
  • Make right buying decisions based on the stock levels and consumption of materials based on supply and demand
  • Understand lead times patterns from suppliers to ensure you order stock and consumables at the right time for the right price

Integrate & Link Stock Control

Accurate Stock Control for some businesses is critical for them to operate hence we offer integration possibilities with various systems such as

  • Accounting and Bookkeeping systems such as Sage and similar
  • Webshop and E-Commerce Platforms including our own JustSell or similar platforms i.e., WooCommerce, OpenCart, Magento and many more
  • Retail systems, Delivery Systems and EPOS systems Speak to us to find out more on more integration possibilities.

Data Safety, Privacy and Security

  • Industry-Standard Data Security; Encrypted and secure communication of data no matter where you access it from. Secure Cloud infrastructure protecting sensitive information and ensuring GDPR-compliance.
  • Peace-of-mind Data Safety and High Availability; ISO Certified Data Centers with 99.9% up-times with regular data backups and disaster recovery to make sure your operations keep running smoothly around the clock.

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Stock Control

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