Asset Management

Asset management CMMS – manage your fixed and rotating assets more efficiently

qr codes rfid tags

Print your own QR codes and RFID tags to tag your assets

  • Print QR codes on-the-go with our portable battery powered bluetooth QR code printer
  • Our printer is compatible with various label sized. Labels are waterproof, heat and scratch resistant and come in 24 different colour tapes
  • Link RFID tags to assets and detect what assets are within the reach without scanning a physical tag (request early access)

Why pay for tags when you can make your own?

Fixed assets and equipment management system

  • Tag fixed assets with QR codes or RFID tags for easy identification
  • Analyse repair trends and maintain spare parts inventory
  • Access repair history by scanning asset’s qr code/tag

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rotating assets
fixed assets

Rotating assets and equipment management system

  • Gain visibility of rotating assets regardless of location
  • Check-in and check-out your rotating assets using QR codes
  • Ensure accountability with automated reminders for overdue returns and safety checks

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Report a repair feature

  • Our Report a Repair App offers 24/7 self-service report a repair feature that you can add onto your website/app
  • Tenant’s can report a repair by scanning asset’s QR code of by uploading photo evidence from their phone
  • When the repair is completed, the contractor can upload a picture as a proof of completion
report a repair
Sales Rep App

Digital job sheets and work order management

  • Allocate and capture all job details directly within the app
  • Access work schedules, photos, and completion notes for thorough documentation
  • Eliminate the need for engineers to collect job sheets from the office
  • Attach labour costs to each asset maintenance for clear servicing cost breakdown
  • Receive accurate information, images, and quotes for easy approval through the app
  • Stay informed of repair progress with automatic notifications

Learn more about Smart Workorders and how it can help your business

Recurring custom checklists for assets

  • Create custom checklists tailored to each type of asset and equipment
  • Ensure every asset is maintained and serviced to high quality
  • Enhance equipment lifespan and performance

Utilise our Checkki app for each asset-related job, ensuring completion checklists are followed, preventing oversights

Customer portal for wholesale ecommerce
Customer portal for wholesale ecommerce

Asset depreciation management and analysis

  • Our system automatically maintains and calculates depreciation of assets and equipment
  • Access assets’ faults and repair history to decide whether to repair or replace
  • Analyse trends to understand underlying issues and stock necessary replacement parts
  • Monitor asset values to determine optimal replacement timing
  • Prevent unnecessary expenses by understanding depreciation trends

Other Features

Multi-Channel Selling

Asset related documents

Access documents relating to the asset and equipment, user manuals to aid use and how to set up assets and equipments. Attach essential documents, such as safety certification to ensure assets and equipment is safe to use.

Manage Your Own Deliveries

Centralised asset management

Customise your dashboards based on user permission and what is important to them. Display KPI’s, actionable items, overdue jobs, upcoming tasks and much more in one place.

Multi-Channel Selling

Custom Permission Levels

Set custom permission levels for each system and app user. Ensure that trusted users can edit important information, while all users can edit basic information.

Manage Your Own Deliveries

Customised Dashboards

Customise your dashboards based on user permission and what is important to them. Display KPI’s, actionable items, overdue jobs, upcoming tasks and much more in one place.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Friendly

Customised Detailed Reports

Create custom reports based on your business needs. Setup specific conditions that send you reports automatically or download the reports whenever you need them. Every detail captured from the app is shown in an intuitive graphical report, with photographic evidence of work carried out.
EPoS Integration

Custom notifications

Create custom notifications based on your business needs. Setup specific conditions that alert and remind you of important things that need specific person’s attention at the right time.  
EPoS Integration

Integration with ERP and CRM Systems

Uptivity apps can integrate with any existing systems or third party systems such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, IBM Maximo, Oracle & Salesfore, as well as with accounting software such as Sage etc.
Automated Notifications

Data Safety, Privacy and Security

Industry standard data security. Encrypted and secure communication of data no matter where you access it from. Secure cloud

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Frequently asked questions

What is the main benefit of using Uptivity's Asset Management instead of storing information in an Excel sheet?

Excel sheets can help to a certain extent of flat data record keeping. Uptivity’s Asset Management is designed to offer a lot more functionality and automation that Excel, or any flat data file can not offer. With our asset management you can manage your assets better and have complete visibility of assets in multiple locations.

What printer do I need to print my own QR codes and how do I print them?

Our Asset Management App if fully integrated with one of the mainstream QR code printers that is readily available for you to buy (we can also provide the printer for you). You can print the QR codes straight from the app. The QR codes printed from the printer are waterproof and temperature resistant so you can use the QR codes on assets that are exposed tot he heat and humidity.

What smart functions does Asset Management offer?

Asset Management can automate most of the business functions linked with your assets and inventories such as proactive and reactive maintenance and checks that need to be carried out for each asset. For more information, please refer to MaintainPad to see how it all works together.

How can I quickly add my assets into the system?

There is number of ways adding assets can be made faster. If you have an asset register, you can simply import all your assets from an Excel sheet. Alternatively, you can add assets on-the-go from the app. Lastly, you can manually add assets in the system by simply using a web browser.

How is asset depreciation calculated?

Our system allows you to assign value against each asset and you can define the depreciation rate over a period of time. Based on the variables you enter, the system will automatically calculate the value of asset for you.

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