What is Resinity?

A complete Food & Drink management platform designed for Restaurants, Caterers, Food Manufacturers including the food supply chain.

Resinity helps your food business to be compliant with HACCP, ISO and BRC Standards. Whether you’re looking to improve your food hygiene standards, manage staff rota and attendance, increase staff efficiency via checklists and training videos, maintain traceability, control stock levels, real-time temperature updates (cooking, cooling, fridges & freezers), Asset management & maintenance, customer feedback, managing food deliveries and innovative smart labels.

Stay Compliant with HACCP, BRC and ISO Standards

Resinity helps with traceability, temperatures monitoring, hygiene checks, storage, distribution, delivery and display. Making sure all the food safety standards are followed. One of our checklists apps, Checkki, helps you stay on top of HACCP, BRC and ISO standards.

Record the temperature of food at all stages

Keep an automatic digital temperature log of your food at all stages of cooking – may it be prep, cooking or cooling, hot holding or delivery.

  • Temperatures recorded go into system via bluetooth
  • Supplied with extensive checklists based on British standards for food hygiene.
  • Scheduled and follow-up checks automatically appear

Live Fridge and Freezer temperature

Temperatures will be recorded and logged automatically at small intervals so you can monitor how all your fridge and freezers are working at all times. If any fridge or freezer shuts down overnight for any period of time, you’d be the first to find out.

Improve staff accountability in handling food

Improve staff accountability if the food isn’t prepared as it should be. Improve food consistency by finding out which process has the largest range of temperature and how that can be fixed.

Create a digital report of the temperature, time taken and the staff member who handled it to maximise transparency within the restaurant.

Each dish managed through its own QR code

Find out the details, the temperature and other checks of each dish by scanning the QR code. Find out other information about it such as ingredients, allergens, and attached images.

Accessible Ingredients, Nutrient & Allergen Information

Allow customers to see details about the dish they want to order by scanning the QR code. Add ingredients with their calories.

Innovative Smart labels for Food Manufacturing

Disposable Smart labels get stuck on to individual items, large boxes, pallets or batches for information more accurate than a standard data logger.

  • All the environmental factors experienced by the box can be retrieved by scanning QR code or a tap with NFC.
  • Environmental factors such as humidity and temperature can be recorded.
  • Also find out if fragile items have been dropped during delivery.

Innovative Smart labels for Food Deliveries

Disposable Smart labels get stuck on to individual food boxes, so the environmental factors can be tracked all the time through the delivery to ensure that every box stays at the required conditions.

  • All the environmental factors experienced by the box can be retrieved by scanning QR code or a tap with NFC.
  • Environmental factors such as humidity and temperature can be recorded.
  • Also find out if fragile items have been dropped during delivery.
  • Let the customer find out what conditions their food has been experienced.

Automatically schedule staff

With Resinity, you can automatically schedule shifts according to one’s skills and availability.

  • The manager can define how many shifts they want at certain time of the day and which skills they require.
  • Staff can request their holidays online and the system matches it with their availablity.
  • Staff can be notified of their rota or any changes to the rota through text message to their phone.

So no more excuses for not knowing their shifts!

Biometric Clocking in

Attendance management made easy by staff automatically logging in through facial recognition. 

  • Recognise patterns in staff attendance effortlessly with easy to use interface. Find out who turns up on time and who persistently doesn’t.
  • On-screen custom messages displayed to staff when they clock in e.g. Your H&S training is due today, see your manager.
  • Pay staff for the actual hours worked
  • Also manage staff absence, holidays, shifts from one place. 
  • Contractors clock-in/out with photo evidence.

Daily Briefing

  • Produce daily briefs for staff and assign staff members to specific roles for everyday such as kitchen, front of house and cleaning team etc.
  • Create notes for briefings to help identify new starters, allergy notes, staff leaving early and special reservations etc.

COVID-19 Track and Trace

Contactless table ordering for your customers along with collecting track and trace data with GDPR compliance in mind. No personal information will be shown to users that don’t need to.

Manage stock levels automatically

Staff can scan out stock by simply scanning in a QR code and anything lower than the minimum stock threshold limit gets reported and ordered automatically without the necessity of a staff member intervening.

  • Allow your staff to request stock digitally
  • Deliveries can be scanned in and the stock refilled, all by a scan of a QR code. 
  • Know what’s being delivered and when
  • Pay suppliers based on the actual stock received
  • Keep a track of who has taken out stock and how much.


Find out areas of improvement in your business

  • Installed at the entrance or exit of your restaurant giving your customers an opportunity to provide valuable feedback with a few taps.
  • Handover the tablet to your customers while presenting them with the bill.
  • Feedback App records details what the customers think of food quality, service, cleanliness and much more.
  • Incentive your customer to leave their details at the end of the feedback by entering them into a draw.

Complaints Management

Allow your customers to send in complaints, with images as evidence, so you can act upon them and ensure the growth of your business.

Accident and Incident Report

Staff can report any Accidents or Incidents straight through the app, which will be recorded and reported to the manager. This will ensure swift reports from the parties involved, actions taken or any follow ups required.

Repair Maintenance Management

Whether it is an emergency or planned maintenance, with our included Smart Workorder app,  you can manage all. The manager knows about the repair required straight away and is able to forward it to the relevant contractors. You can even attach checklists for the contractor to follow in order to ensure a standardised procedure for every repair (eg. clean up checks).

Keep Customers Informed about Deliveries

Using our included Delivity app, customers can find out where their food is at all times – reducing angry customer calls and increasing their patience.

Manage and optimise deliveries

  • Find out the best route for all your deliveries so your staff can perform them efficiently.
  • Bunch deliveries together and allocate them to a driver before they arrive. When they do, they collect and go with their Delivity app ready to direct them to their first delivery.
  • Prioritise deliveries manually and inform the tenant through text or through the app of the driver’s ETA.
  • Import information from your epos system or scan customer receipts to auto-populate delivery addresses.

High Standard Airline Catering Quality Checks

  • Resinity is a Full Suite of Food Quality Apps helping Airline Catering Companies and Supply chains to deliver high quality food to passengers improving customer satisfaction and meeting increased customers diverse dietary needs
  • Meeting international food labelling standards (dietary, nutritional, allergen) available in multiple languages just with a scan of a QR code
  • Comprehensive Food Traceability with Blockchain and Smart Labels ensuring the Airline Catering Food Supply Chain follows food regulations. Better traceability enhances passenger’s food safety and increased satisfaction.

Data Safety, Privacy and Security

  • Industry-Standard Data Security; Encrypted and secure communication of data no matter where you access it from. Secure Cloud infrastructure protecting sensitive information and ensuring GDPR-compliance.
  • Peace-of-mind Data Safety and High Availability; ISO Certified Data Centers with 99.9% up-times with regular data backups and disaster recovery to make sure your operations keep running smoothly around the clock.

From Farm to Fork, Everything Managed, Tracked and Traced.

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