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Sell, Sell, Sell, JustSell

Selling online, via webstore or app? Selling on eBay, Amazon, or Etsy? Selling B2B wholesale or B2C retail? Selling services and needing appointment bookings? All with JustSell.

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  • 0% commision on sales.
  • List your products on eBay, Amazon and Etsy, all through JustSell.
  • B2B optimised. Ideal for stores selling wholesale and retail.
  • Personalised pricing. Store & online sales history available to customers.
  • Own branding on your webshop.
  • Branded consumer, Sales Rep and Listing apps. EPoS available.
  • Physical and online stores with the same stock management.
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JustSell Services

  • Online appointment booking via your website or app.
  • Customers can pick a preferred consultant & select from free slots.
  • Or book a free slot, regardless of the consultant.
  • Collect payment at the booking.
  • Like Calendly. But with analytics at a reasonable cost.

Infrastructure, Buildings, Machinery, Assets & Factory

All need maintenance. All need repair. All need safety checks & certificates.
All need Asset Management CMMS.



  • Asset Management CMMS.
  • Keys tracking.
  • The ability to tender work requests to contractors.
  • Checklist which can automatically trigger Work Orders.
  • eTenancy (coming soon).
Asset Management App

Asset Management CMMS

  • Tag and track your assets using printable QR codes or RFID tags.
  • Scan tags to unlock asset repair history, servicing, certificates and asset value after depreciation. Receive all in reports.
  • Know who has your assets and when they’re due to be returned.
  • Includes Report a Repair.
key management app

Keys Tracking

  • Tag and track your keys using printable QR codes, Bluetooth.
  • See who has your key and where they are.
  • Ensure your keys are safe with signature check-ins from any device.
  • Find lost keys with GDPR-compliant return system.
Report A Repair App

Report a Repair

  • Report repairs anytime, anywhere, 24/7.
  • Add frame to website or app.
  • Tenants can be guided to specific checks and questions before submitting repair request.
  • All information gathered from the form, no need for call backs for extra information.
  • Reduce call queues for your staff.

Applications for any business. For every business

These business applications defy categorisation. They fit into both of the two other categories and any other you care to name. They’re universally needed.

Attendance Rota App

Attendance Rota

  • Touch-less biometric clocking in/out system.
  • Cross-check attendance with shift – see who is late, who leaves early and who does additional hours.
  • Export clocking times to payroll systems.
  • One-click rostering. Matching staff contracted hours and roles, with shift availability.
  • GDPR compliant, with enterprise-level data security.
Checklist App


  • Task-checking (or auditing) system.
  • Pre-installed sector-specific checklists or create your own.
  • Instant alerts. When specific responses are selected, choose to be instantly notified.
  • Embed a YouTube instruction video in the checklist.
  • Automatically generated reports.
YouDo App


  • Task management app, but one with which you can delegate a task to others.
  • Very simple to create and monitor task progress.
  • Add notes, voice notes and images to tasks. You can do this as you progress them.
  • Alerts when a YouDo is received or updated.
  • Simple interface, simple price.
stock control app

Stock Control

  • Manage inventory using barcode and QR codes; be informed of stock levels, monitor sales.
  • Reorder stock from the same app.
  • Monitor business consumables and stock leaks. Don’t lose sight of returns and write-offs, and see where stock going to.
Delivery App


  • Real-time driver location and ETA tracking for yourself and your customers.
  • Route streamlining with automatic route optimisation, en route delivery allocation and contactless deliveries.
  • Digitalise your paper delivery notes for bookkeeping and administrative ease.
be heard app

Be Heard

  • Collect customer & staff feedback on the go.
  • A share feedback option, for all major social media and website platforms.
  • Use collected data to tailor and improve your services.
  • Put on a tablet and on a secure stand. Then passing customers can give feedback.

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