Building Suppliers can Now Benefit from JustSell’s Sales Rep App as Part of B2B Wholesale Ecommerce Platform

Building Suppliers can now benefit from JustSell's Sales Rep App as part of B2B Wholesale Ecommerce platform

In our Ecommerce platform, JustSell, we’ve added the Sales Rep application to our solution. The purpose of the sales rep app is to offer an all-in-one sales management software to the B2B building suppliers merchants.  

With this strategy, a builder supplier company can efficiently manage and track all the performance of their sales rep agents. Moreover, it’ll also allow the sales rep agents to do their sales more effectively than ever before.  

How a Sales Rep app Can Benefit A B2b Building Suppliers Business? 


Here’s how our sales rep application can increase the revenue of building supplier business: 

An All-in-One Sales Rep Management Software 


With our sales rep application, it makes the sales agents work more efficiently than before. How? 

Targeted Store for Sales 


For the sales rep, instead of visiting every store that comes the way. With the targeted location, the agent will only visit those stores that have the potential to book products. In this way, your sales rep can earn more bonuses, and the business will earn more and faster sales than before. 

Stock Availability 


The stock in the sales rep app is updated in real-time. The sales rep can view the available stock before taking the order. This will prevent their false commitment to other businesses and eventually losing their sales. 

Customer Purchase History 


With the app, the agent can view the history of the customer e.g, what and how much they have purchased in the past. It’ll give them an idea of whether they should visit that customer again or not, hence saving them time on non-potential customers.  

Owed Money Management 


The sales rep app also allows the agent to manage the owed money by the customers. They can view, add, or deduct balances on the app. This will save time in money management and the agent can efficiently manage their client’s owned money calculations. 

Commission Calculation 


The agents can calculate their commission on the go with the app. On the given products, they can estimate and calculate their commission on the products on the x number of sales. This will give them an idea of how much sales they need to make for achieving the target.  

All these features make JustSell’s sales rep application, the best CRM for outside sales reps in the market.  


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