JustSell B2B Wholesale for Building Suppliers Now Fully Integrated with Enterprise EPoS

EPos for building supplies e-commerce

A subsidiary product of Uptivity; JustSell now comes with enterprise EPoS integration. This new update in the JustSell aims to reduce the human load by automating the EPoS of online store inventory integrated with off-site store’s inventory management software in the Ecommerce construction industry.  

The new EPoS enterprise update in the JustSell includes following features: 

Real-time Stock Updates 

The new integration updates the online inventory according to the offsite store inventory. Moreover, it ditches the process of manually updating the online store inventory as per the store’s offline inventory.  

Instead, one IMS (Inventory Management System) will be used in both off-site and online stores.  For example, if new stock is added to the store’s IMS, it’ll also be updated in the online store’s IMS. 

Stock Level Updates in Real-time  

With this feature, the building merchant doesn’t require to update the stock separately on both sites. Instead, one store inventory will work for both online and off-site stores.  

For example, if a customer buys a product from the off-site store, its online store stock on the merchant’s Ecommerce construction website will get updated in real-time. And the construction business merchant will no longer need to call the customer and update them about the availability of the product.  

Pricing updated real-time 

This integration will enable the merchant to update the pricing in a single POS system. That POS will not just update the pricing on the off-site store, but in the building material online store as well. Therefore, the construction material supplier will not need to keep track of the on-site and off-site pricing separately. 

Advantages of EPoS Integration 

With the new update, JustSell automates the IMS (Inventory Management System) of online stores for a B2C or B2B builder merchant. Therefore, merchant will no longer require to hire an employee or manually update the IMS of their online shop.  

E.g, manage the stock, building material availability, updating the price, and other things of IMS. JustSell integrates both IMS (Inventory Management System) with the one master IMS that subsidizes the online and off-site store of a construction business.   

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