Our Team

Muhammad Ali

Founder & CEO

At 16, I earned 7 Microsoft certifications, securing the Early Achiever Award. After completing my formal college education and obtaining a master’s degree in Network System and Security from the University of Hertfordshire, U.K., I worked at Apple Computers and an IT manager in the UK’s Further Education sector for 6 years, engaging in various software, security, and consultancy roles.

In 2013, I founded SenServe, that became the foundation for generating revenue and funding my long-term vision of launching a highly scalable B2B SaaS subscription platform, Uptivity, that launched in 2019. Uptivity now has 14 B2B subscription-based Apps for various sectors, achieved without external investment.

My days are dedicated to product ideation, team leadership, marketing, client relations, and sales. My commitment to growth is reflected in a diverse team and major clients like IFFCO.

No one else could have achieved so much with little resources like Muhammad did. The passion and relentless drive are just otherworldly. If he wasn’t so human, I would think he was a machine or an alien!

Ashfaq Nehmet

Business Manager

I’ve navigated the IT landscape for decades, with my journey starting at IBM, and weaving through prestigious organizations such as Bank of Scotland, European Space Agency, Gatwick Airport, Merseyside Police, and then NHS, ultimately leading me to Uptivity. Here I wear the hat of a Business Manager, navigating through operations, marketing, and a recent focus on smoothing out the digital sales pathway. The true pleasure of working at Uptivity lies in the potential of the company, and my modest role in contributing to its growth. Beyond the tech realm, I don a different hat – that of a writer. Outside of work hours, I immerse myself in crafting fiction books, finding another avenue to express my creativity.

Kieran Robinson

Technical Manager

Fresh out of sixth form, I spent a year in security and stewarding across the North East. Now at Uptivity, I wear the hat of a Technical Manager, overseeing client management, supporting our SaaS, and collaborating on development. Engaging with diverse industries is what I love about Uptivity, even if it means weekends are double-booked with my security gig, leaving little room for downtime.

Natalia Staniszewska

Digital Marketer & Sales Coordinator

In 2020, I made the leap to move to Newcastle to pursue a degree in Film and TV Production. After graduating, I redirected my skills into the realm of digital marketing, currently working, as a Digital Marketer and Sales Coordinator at Uptivity. What I cherish most about Uptivity is the creative atmosphere and, of course, the free coffee. Beyond the work hours, I find joy in baking, gym session, and spending quality time with friends.

Salman Naif Alenizi

Market Research Analyst

I graduated from Newcastle University in 2022 with a Postgraduate Diploma in Business and Humanities and am currently pursuing an MSc in Accounting, Finance, and Strategic Investment. My foundation includes a BSBA in Finance and Investment from Prince Sattam bin Abdulaziz University. With diverse experiences in investment banking, financial services, and social service, I’ve honed an analytic mindset. As a Market Research Analyst and Communication Team Member at Newcastle University Student Union, I thrive in dynamic and collaborative environments. Beyond academics and work, I’m deeply involved in volunteering, serving as the President of the Saudi Students Club at Newcastle and participating in the Bloomberg Trading Challenge. I find balance through hiking and gym sessions, valuing innovation and change in every facet of my journey.

Tom Herrington

IT Analyst & Sales Coordinator

A few years back, I made the move to Newcastle. After completing a foundation year in accounting, finance and economics, I decided to take the plunge into an apprenticeship in business analysis. In my current role at Uptivity, I serve as both a Business Analyst and Sales Coordinator. My responsibilities include collaborating with project and product managers to deliver top-notch results for our clients. Additionally, I play a role in driving the sales team to secure new business opportunities. What I like about Uptivity are the projects and challenges I’m faced with that present new learning opportunities each day. Outside of work I love watching football and spending quality time with my family and friends.

Harris Nehmet

Business Admin

After completing my GCSEs, I worked at a property rental company for a year, did a stint volunteering at Uptivity for four months, and eventually managed to juggle part-time position at Uptivity alongside college. Now, I work here as a Business Admin, where I assist with financial administration and record-keeping. What I like about working at Uptivity, is the atmosphere and the variety of tasks I’m given, I always learn something new. In my free time, you’ll catch me listening to music on walks, shopping with friends, and watching films together. Oh, and I’m a bookworm too!

Susan Haley

Success and Account Manager

Prior to my current role as the Success and Account Manager at Uptivity, I dedicated 16 and a half years to EDF Energy, where I honed my skills as a Customer Account Manager. What I like the most about working at Uptivity is that no two days are the same. Outside of the work hours my life revolves around my two boys. Together, we share a love for the beach, enjoy baking, and are trying our hand at growing our own veggies.

Saira Ali


Before joining Uptivity, I spent over a decade in software test development and became proficient as an Agile methodologist. Throughout my career, I’ve been dedicated to refining and optimising software testing and development processes, ensuring the delivery of high-quality products. What I enjoy the most about working at Uptivity is the vibrant and innovative culture that permeates every aspect of the organisation. Being part of a company that not only values its employees but also celebrates their successes makes every day enjoyable and fulfilling. Outside of work, my greatest joy and top priority is spending quality time with my adorable three-year-old boy. Being a mother brings me immense happiness, and I cherish every moment I get to share with him.


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