Maintenance Management Software for the Oil and Gas Industry

MaintainPad offers a complete Maintenance Management software for Oil and Gas Industry needs.

 Use MaintainPad to manage:

  • Preventative maintenance.
  • Staff reported maintenance.
  • Isolation processes and their checklist.
  • De-isolation process and their checklist.
  • Electronic Work permits.
  • Repair management.

Work Orders software

Approve, generate, delegate and track on-demand work orders. May it be a corrective, preventive, condition-based, predictive and predetermined maintenance job, MaintainPad can be used to manage it to every tiny detail. Attach checklists to ensure every step is followed precisely. Data-packed work orders deliver everything you need to work independently and close out efficiently.

Planned, Preventative Maintenance for the Oil and Gas Industry

Breakdowns happen, and they’re expensive to fix once they do. Having a system that can notify you to have your assets serviced regularly is a wise idea, before any issue surmounts, damages any large equipment and eventually hinders a smooth flow in your day to day operations.

 This is where MaintainPad is your best friend. Once your asset is on MaintainPad, it will do the job of reminding you to keep it serviced – that’s one thing off your mind, so you can do things that really matter to your business.

Digital inspections and PDF reports

Digitalise inspections and generate PDF reports of completed checks or a summary of reports over a period of time with a simple application. Reports can be emailed to whoever needs them at the click of a button.

Record checks and risk assessments

Perform checklists and attach them to Work orders for:

  • Regular checks for equipment and assets such as tools, fire alarms and safety equipment.
  • Regular maintenance checks on heavy machinery.
  • Compliance checks such as Health & Safety and Fire & Safety.
  • Risk Assessments.

 Train your staff to do checks consistently with videos and task lists.

Know what your staff think through our survey app

Let your staff communicate honestly with you to identify areas for improvement. Surveys are anonymous and confidential.

An Ideal Asset management software for the Oil and Gas industry

By tagging and scanning QR codes or RFID tags on your fixed and rotational assets, with our Asset Management App built into MaintainPad:

  • You and your staff can report faults and link them to the faulty machinery.
  • Engineers can check the machine’s repair history to analyse trends and keep stock.
  • You can tag your rotational assets too to check what is due to be returned.
  • Receive and send reminders when loaned equipment is not returned or to perform regular checks on vehicles, ladders, etc. 

      Keys Management

      Manage all keys for buildings, rooms and vehicles effectively and track them with QR code, GPS, Bluetooth or NFC tags. Keep digital track of which staff has returned the key, and who hasn’t. Automatic reminders will be sent to anyone who hasn’t returned the keys.

      Print your own QR codes

      Unlike other keys and asset management solutions, where you have to pay for the tags, with MaintainPad you will be provided with your own portable battery-powered Bluetooth QR code printer.

      Labels are heat, scratch and water-resistant and can be printed (and re-printed) in different sizes and colours to help you label your keys and assets. Why pay to buy tags when you can make your own?

      Or use RFID technology for surveys and inspections

      RFID tags linked to assets do not need to be scanned but are detected when walking within their operating range. The perfect solution for assets surveying or inventory checks as original and current inventory lists can be quickly and easily compared by the click of a button. Digital reports can also be generated automatically.

      Consumables Inventory Management

      Struggling to keep an exact track of how much consumable product you need?

      Keeping track of consumables is frustrating. However, it is crucial to your site functioning. Small items, like bolts, nuts and washers, adhesives, safety wear, masks, gloves etc., always get used up or lost quicker than you can restock in small amounts frequently. So many companies order them all at once and then have to handle the storage of these items.

      MaintainPad will help keep track of them and once you go below a threshold, an automatic order can be placed. Now you never have to worry about overstocking or understocking.

      HR, rota and attendance management made easy

      Increase accuracy of attendance using facial recognition technology within the organisation. Linked with attendance management, alerting, HR module, the system provides full control and complete visibility of people onsite.

      Monitor requests sent to colleagues

      With our You Do app:

      • Streamline communication when working in a team.
      • Send requests to your colleagues, e.g. a request to grab stationary from the store room.
      • Track status of what’s being done and by whom.
      • All meeting notes stored in the same place.

      Flexibility and Accessibility

      Once registered on a computer, MaintainPad can be used on any phone or tablet and can be easily and quickly accessed from anywhere.

      Data safety and security

      Choose MaintainPad and store your data, save and send documents safely securely in the Cloud:

      • Your data is encrypted between your devices and our servers.
      • All of our servers are ISO certified and GDPR compliant.
      • All your data is backed up on a regular basis.
      • Disaster recovery and business continuity to ensure your data’s safety.

      See how End-to-End Repair Management can help You.

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