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Attendance Management System

Cost-effective solution for businesses of all sizes, no need for expensive biometric clocking in machine

biometric clocking in device

Turn a tablet into a clock-in device

  • Turn any tablet into a biometric clocking in device. Simply download the app, onto your tablet and you’re ready to go
  • Clock-in using face-scanning technology, one-finger touch, or hands-free voice commands
  • In case of device failure, easily switch to another tablet, ensuring uninterrupted time tracking for your team
  • No more need for specialised biometric devices

If needed, we supply a secure wall mount for the tablet, with locking mechanism.


Clock-in on-the-go with location based attendance

  • Attendance Rota App offers location-based attendance functionality, made specifically for field staff, ensuring accurate time tracking regardless of where they’re working
  • Provide your team with instant access to their shifts, enabling them to stay informed and organised even when they’re on the move
  • Staff can request holidays, apply for sick leave and add doctor’s notes straight from the app Learn more

Attendance Rota App is available both on Android and iOS devices

location based attendance
Flexible shift rostering with Attendance Management System

Flexible shift rostering

  • Our attendance management system integrates clocking times with shift start and finishing times for accurate attendance and provides comprehensive overview of staff attendance
  • Match staff availability and roles with shift requirements with just one click
  • Automate shift allocation process based on predefined criteria, saving time and reducing manual effort

Let our attendance management system automatically allocate shifts based on predefined criteria, saving time and reducing errors


Work orders and checklists for field staff within attendance management

  • Delegate tasks to field workers seamlessly within our system, ensuring clear communication and accountability
  • Utilise intuitive checklists to outline tasks and requirements, simplifying the completion process for field workers
  • Send reports instantly directly from the app
  • Keep track of delegated tasks and monitor progress in real-time
  • Improve accountability thanks to the task delegation and checklists Learn more
Work orders and checklists for field staff within attendance management

Leave messages for your employees upon clocking-in

  • Communicate important messages to your staff, keep employees engaged and informed by sharing updates, announcements, or reminders directly within the clocking-in process
  • Tailor messages to specific shifts, teams, or individuals, ensuring that the right information reaches the right people
  • Leave automated reminders for important events Learn more

Other Features

Multisite attendance

Track attendance of your multiple sites from one centralised system within our attendance management system. Manage attendance across all locations and take advantage of real-time visibility into attendance data from each site. Enhance your coordination and decision-making by providing comprehensive insights into workforce attendance patterns across all sites.

Digital reports

Access detailed and customised reports in our attendance management, providing comprehensive insights into various aspects of your business. Customise reports to suit your specific requirement. Make informed decisions based on real-time data provided by digital reports. Perfect for large, distributed corporates with multiple sites and contracts.

Smart time alerts

Receive instant notifications whenever employees miss their clock-in, ensuring prompt action to address any attendance issues. Stay informed if employees fail to clock-in on time, clock-out too early, or neglect to clock-in altogether. Customise alert settings in the attendance management system to match your specific requirements and hold employees accountable.

Integration with Payroll

Our attendance management seamlessly tacks employee work hours, capturing accurate data for payroll processing. Save time and reduce administrative costs associated with payroll processing by automating data transfer and streamlining workflows. Generate one-click detailed payroll reports on employee attendance and work hours directly from Attendance Rota.

Work orders, assets and checklists

Our attendance management seamlessly integrates with asset management systems, enabling efficient tracking of worker’s activities related to asset maintenance and repairs. Incorporated checklists help to outline maintenance tasks and requirements, simplifying the completion process for workers.

Data safety and security

Our comprehensive data safety features industry-standard data security ensuring encrypted and secure communication of information from any access point, coupled with a secure cloud infrastructure for GDPR compliance.


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Frequently asked questions

What devices can we use to capture staff attendance?

You can use any Android tablet, as well as an mobile app (Android and iOS) to clock-in based on the location of the staff. We also offer an option to integrate with other biometric devises, which we supply.

What happens if the facial recognition won't work?

Although our facial recognition technology is very responsive and works even with a mask on, in a situation where the facial recognition fails the attendance can be recorded by asking the user to enter 4 digit pin + a photo is taken for further validation.

What is the privacy policy for facial recognition and biometric data?

All the data is encrypted and stored in ISO and GDPR compliant systems to ensure high level biometric data security.

For location based attendance, how close do the staff have to be to the location to mark attendance?

The radius for attendance can be customised based on your preference. It can range from within 1 meter and above.

How is Attendance Rota different to other attendance management systems?

What makes our Attendance Rota different is the ability to securely clock-in using any Android device instead of relying on specialist hardware, which means you can manage installation and replacement yourself. Our attendance management system can be linked with work orders, checklists and asset/equipment repairs on specific sites.

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