I Do, You Do, They Do. To Do.
YouDo: task management, yours & theirs.

I Do, You Do, They Do. To Do


  • can ask you to do something for mewith You Do. 
  • You ask me to do somethingcan see it in my I Do queue and I can schedule it. 
  • If I want to check jobs that I’ve requested, I look in my They Do queueOne click, and I’ve asked for an update.

You Do

  • Quickly send You Dos via the app to allocate tasks to your staff 
  • Designate responsibility to one or more team members for the tasks 
  • Easily attach messages, images, voice notes or a checklist to your request and make sure the job is done right 

I Do

  • Keep track of tasks I need to do, given to me by others or myself 
  • Schedule my tasks 
  • Create notes, tasks or reminders for yourself 
  • Capture key details such as start date and deadline 

Purchase Requests Made Simple!

  • With You Do, you can manage purchase requests at the touch of a button 
  • Communicate with your purchasing team quickly and easily 
  • Send purchase requests and view their status by checking on the App 

We Do


  • We all use YouDo because it’s simple to use 
  • It’s easy to ask a colleague to do a task 
  • Stop trying to remember who you asked to do what, keep track effortlessly with YouDo 

Tasks, Managed

YouDo is a simple and easy-to-use task management app. 

It aims to keep track of delegated tasks. Your YouDo can be in text format or a voice recording. Or both. You can add images and a checklist. If you have sent a YouDo with an added checklist, you can see when items are checked off. 

Any business with more than 5 people can benefit!

Who is You Do for?

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Our Pricing

Billed annually (upfront).
Contact us for monthly payments (incurring about 15% surcharge).

*One-off setup fees may apply.
**Smart Key tags costs not included.

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