COVID-19 back to work Checklist

Stop the spread of COVID-19 in your business by following the government required COVID-19 checklist and make sure your staff stays safe.
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Legal Terms & Digital Signs

No more telling your contractors, 3rd party providers or staff to read and agree paper contract terms.

Reopening Risk Assessments

Use Checkki to effortlessly perform and digitally record your risk assessment as you reopen your offices.

Cleaning Checks

Keep consistent track of the cleanliness of your business and increase productivity.
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Receive instant notifications

The manager receives instant notifications so if anything goes wrong, there is less liability on you. Using Checkki allows you to save precious time so you can be productive in places that matter.


Generate reports from each completed checklist, including pictures submitted to answer questions. Or get a summary report of multiple checklists over a chosen period of time. PDF reports can be emailed directly from the App.

Email reports to landlord & tenants or other clients via the App

Send reports to landlords and tenants just by a click of a button – fast and efficient. Informed clients = happy clients!
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Training videos for staff

Now you don’t have to show your staff every task multiple times, they can learn by watching your tutorial videos as many times as they want using Checkki.

Insert images as evidence in your inspections

Why stick with just the checkbox method when you can add evidence of the work? Now, there will never be any questions about the quality of work done.
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Custom checklists for day to day operations

Create your own checklists to streamline your day to day operations and manage them digitally with Checkki.
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