COVID-19 back to work Checklist for Manufacturers

Pre-defined Manufacturing Checks based on Govt.’s guidance done directly from the App. Stop the spread of COVID-19 in your business by following the government required COVID-19 checklist and make sure your staff stays safe. No paperwork, no configuration needed. Ready to download and use.

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Reopening Checks & Risk Assessments

Use Checkki to effortlessly perform and digitally record your risk assessment as you reopen your business to make sure all hazards are accounted for. Also carry out specific opening and closing checks. All your staff need is Checkki App and everything is done consistently everyday.

Receive instant notifications

Management and Owners can’t be in all the places all the times. Checkki enables them to be notified on things that have been missed or failed. Visual reports demostrate the proof of work being done by staff across your business. Everything comes to you instead of you going to everyting. 

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Visual Actionable Reports

No one has the time to sit on desk and compile reports. The App sends the visual reports directly to the management with photographs. Not only that, the report includes a living action plan highlighting jobs to be carried out by others. A summary report of multiple checklists over a chosen period of time can also be created automatically. 

Quality Control Checklists

Each Manufacturing Facility is always concious of quality of their products. The cost of your reputation and returns is high. Checkki can help you with making sure each workstation and department do their specific Quality Control Checks. Better still, the Checkki App can also be used by Quality Control Department with final checks and allows Quality Control Team to take photographic evidence of condition the product left the factory.

Training videos for staff

Now you don’t have to show your staff every task multiple times, they can learn by watching your tutorial videos as many times as they want using Checkki.
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Compliance and Health & Safety Checklists

Tired of heaps of paper just for your Compliance or Health & Safety checklists? Checkki is here to transform your business to become more efficient and your staff safer. All complicance checks such as Fire & Safety systems, Smoke Alarms, Sprinklers, Extingishers can be checked on regular basis with Checkki. Not only that, your Health and Safety Assessment forms can all be done with Checkki with no paperwork involved. 

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Custom checklists for day to day operations

With Enhanced Checkki, you create your own checklists to streamline your day to day operations and manage them digitally. Gone are the days of chasing staff for missing out a step in the manufacturing process. With Checkki, your whole Manufacturing journey can be streamlined making sure all processes and procedures are followed by each department and relevant team members notified of actions needed and actions taken. All the way from processing sales orders to delivery to your customers, Checkki can help.

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