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Checkki helps the following Industries

Checkki has potential to be used in a lot of sectors…

Manufacturing & Warehouses

Train your staff, ensure checks are done consistently, streamline and make your day to day operations or your manufacturing processes more efficient with Checkki.

Offices & Buildings

Ensure you get back to work in a COVID-19 risk-free environment and improve your business efficiency with Checkki

Restaurants & Takeaways

Evidence your hygiene, food safety and cleaning checks, always pass inspections and boast your ratings with Checkki.

Construction & Engineering

Carry out compliance checks and risk assessments digitally, train your staff via the App, manage your day to day operations with just one click with Checkki.

Health Care

Keep track of all your checks and procedures with a simple App, teach your staff to be consistent using training videos, custom checklists to your own needs with Checkki.

Calculate asset value & depreciation, manage asset repair history including company vehicles.

Health & Safety, Cleaning and Compliance

Guarantee your workplace is safe and clean and keep a record of all your risk assessments and COVID-19 checks with Checkki. You can even upload images as evidence.

Retail, Hospitality & Holiday Parks

Prepare to re-open and get back to work in a COVID-19 risk-free environment, welcome back customers to safe and clean premised with Checkki.

Our Pricing

Our pricing can be customised to your business’s specific needs. We offer subscriptions to individual apps and packages tailored for different sectors.

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