Tool Hire Solution now part of JustSell’s Ecommerce offering for Building Suppliers

Tool Hire Solution now part of JustSell's Ecommerce offering for Building Suppliers

JustSell is an online construction Ecommerce solution for the building suppliers industry. We have recently integrated a tool hiring application with our solution. The main motive behind this incorporation is to offer one master Ecommerce solution to the customer. It’ll reduce the workload on the merchant. Moreover, it will enable a space to earn more revenue than before. 

How Tool Hire Solution Will Enable Building Supplier Merchants to Earn More Revenue? 


With the tool hiring system, the merchant can now offer tools renting systems in their builder’s supply online store. This will enable their B2C or B2B customers to rent the tools online from the merchant’s store. It’ll save their time and effort.  

Moreover, even if a customer is purchasing from the store. They might glance through the tools hiring page and might rent the tool when needed. This strategy will eventually earn more revenue and increase sales to the merchant without any additional cost. 

Tool Hiring System Cost Saving Model 


For building suppliers merchant, it’s a cost-saving model. They don’t need to install a plugin and afford monthly maintenance for the tools rental solution separate from online construction Ecommerce solution stores. Or in some cases, the merchant might require a dedicated person to develop the tools renting solution. 

With JustSell, it comes pre-installed and integrated. There’s no additional maintenance. One solution, with all the necessary features you need. Moreover, our solution works on a GUI CRM. Therefore, you don’t need to hire a dedicated person to code and maintain the solution. 

How Tools Hiring System Will Work? 


Here is how the JustSell’s tool hire app works in brief:

Customers Reserve the Product 


Customers will select & book the tools required from the menu. If the merchant wants, they can demand advance payment. Moreover, if the product is out of stock, the system will show alternative products given by the merchant in the CRM. 

Booking management 

The customer will get a reminder for their booking along with the time and date of pickup. Among the delivery, the details will get updated in real-time. It doesn’t require manual data entry input like other solutions.  

Increase your Ecommerce business and sales through the tools hire solution of JustSell. Book your live demo today for more information about our tools hiring solution: 

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