JustSell now offering a complete Ecommerce and EPoS solution for Building Suppliers

JustSell, an all-new modern Ecommerce solution for building materials and building suppliers businesses has rolled out an Ecommerce and EPoS solution for building supplies Ecommerce websites. The new update is aimed to increase the business’s efficiency, automating the system and reducing human error to none.   

 Why JustSell is Offering an Ecommerce and EPoS Solution for Building Suppliers? 


e-commerce epos for building suppliers

Wholesalers and merchants of building materials companies who offer their services in multi-channel platforms may use different POS systems for each platform. This model consumes a lot of time, labour, and very high chances of human error. However, with JustSelll’s EPoS, it’s a one PoS for all your business and channels.    

Centralised PoS for All Channels 

  Whether it’s your building materials Ecommerce site or your retail offline store, with the EPoS, it’ll link all the platforms with one master PoS. The pricing, stock and inventory will be the same for all the channels and outlets. They don’t need to adjust the pricing or any other PoS information manually. This model ditches human errors, and labour and saves time by automating the PoS system.    

Inventory Control 

  Working in a multi-channel platform is good and profitable for a building supply business. However, it opens a gate for errors, and time to manage the PoS for each channel. However, JustSell’s POS in ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) resolves all these issues. The admin only has to update one POS. And all the other channels will use that ERP’s POS data. If one channel consumes a product, all other channels’ POS will be updated accordingly. It assures the correct pricing, stock and availability of the stock in all the channels.   

Cost Efficient 

epos is cost efficient

In the multi-channel model, businesses need to install a PoS for each channel. It involves the cost of labour that synchronises the data with the master ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning).    

This model requires money for paying salaries to PoS employees. However, with JustSells’s EPoS, one master PoS will be linked with all the PoS of all the channels. It’ll auto-synchronise the data, ditching the employees and their salaries who used to maintain the integrity of master PoS.   


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