JustSell B2B Wholesale for Building Suppliers Offers Customer Portal

JustSell, an all-in-one Ecommerce solution is now offering a dedicated customer portal for B2B building materials customers to merchants. The new update has been rolled out. It aims to provide ease and self-reliance to the customers of building materials companies.

With the era, customers have become more self-reliant. Most of the 2B customers prefer the self-service option before calling the organization for a requested service. It saves time and makes the process efficient. And JustSell has launched a dedicated customer portal for Ecommerce sites made in the building materials niche.    

Place Direct Orders 

The new customer portal is focused on B2B customers of a building material business. It allows the business’s customers to place orders directly from the portal without contacting the business in any format. 

View and Generate On-Demand Statements  

Moreover, it allows the customer to view, generate and download the statement of their orders online and instantly. It’ll ditch the human involvement of calling the business and requesting them to email the statement. Which used to take 1-2 days. But with the new portal, the statement can be generated on-demand and instantaneously.    

Pay for the Order Instantly 

With the new portal, customers can pay for their orders instantly without any delay. It allows Ecommerce building suppliers to receive orders from their customers without having to set up an additional customer support department for order processing. This way, it’ll save the time and resources of both the building material business owner and their customers.   

Pay for the Invoices through the Portal 

The building materials companies no longer need to send a physical or e-mail copy of the invoice. The new portal update allows the Ecommerce building merchant to send invoices online on the customer’s portal directly. However, If the merchant has integrated the payment gateway then the customer can pay for the invoice through the portal instantly.       

JustSell’s new B2B building material customer portal has opened a port for the Ecommerce building suppliers to gain more potential customers by providing them ease through an efficient, fast, resource-saving and time-efficient customer portal while using their services.  JustSell is a feature-rich Ecommerce solution that comes along with a comprehensive B2B customer portal.

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