Building Suppliers 30 Days Online Offer. JustSell ready for quick Ecommerce transformation

start your e-commerce building supplies business in 30 days with justsell

An online Ecommerce platform, JustSell promises to turn your offline business into an online Ecommerce building materials store in just 30 days. From turning the setup, website, hosting, CRM, and inventory to getting your 1st customer. All this process will take 30 days only through JustSell.  

 How JustSell Can Turn Your Offline Building Materials Store Online in 30 Days?

JustSell’s claim of turning an offline building merchant into an Ecommerce building merchant in 30 days is possible because of our optimised business model. Our business is highly optimised for the building supplies industry and its merchants. Here’s how we do it: 

Optimised Inventory 

We’ll import your whole inventory into our CRM. Unlike other platforms, where you’ve to organise and create categories. In our solution, we’ve pre-built categories, you only have to upload your products based on the corresponding category. Therefore, our product listing is optimised for the building supplier’s business. 

Right Template for Wholesale Building Business 

We use only those templates that were built specifically for the building suppliers. That’s why it saves the time and resources of optimising the base theme as well as the cost associated with it. The template includes colour palettes, stock images, logos and BG’s based on the building materials that suit your theme. 

CRM App On the Go  

Suppose, manage your CRM on the go through an application instead of the PC. How beneficial would it be?  With JustSell, you get a CRM application from where you can control your whole store the application as well as web-based CRM. You can update orders, manage inventory, update pricing and other CRM management on the go. 

JustSell is the only Optimised Ecommerce Solution for Building Suppliers 

With all the above features and strategies, it makes JustSell, the only optimised Ecommerce solution for building suppliers. From the inventory, and template to the CRM, all our Ecommerce components are made for the building supplies business dedicatedly. That’s what makes us claim our 30 days Ecommerce ready model for building suppliers through JustSell. 

Turn your offline building supplies business into an online Ecommerce store within 30 days through JustSell. Not sure? Schedule a live demo now. 


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