How Uptivity Helps Banking Sector?

 From reporting a repair to customer feedback, Uptivity offers a complete end-to-end branch management solution.

  • Hassle-free branch maintenance management with Smart Work Orders
  • Efficiently report repairs on breakdowns of equipment like ATM machines, property, or assets e.g. tills, computers, interactive equipment etc.
  • Pro-active (scheduled) and reactive (emergency) maintenance of critical equipment and branch assets with Asset Management
  • Plan and communicate preventative maintenance and avoid downtime for your branch’s critical equipment with  MaintainPad
  • Improve customer service and employee engagement with BeHeard; view feedback at individual department and branch level, identifying good performances and areas of improvement
  • Digitise your staff attendance and HR with Attendance Rota using advanced biometric facial recognition technology
  • Track branch and locker keys with Keys Management
  • Task staff and contractors and manage task progress with YouDo 
  • Meet regulations and compliance requirements (ISO, GDPR) and deliver consistent quality with Checkki

Equipment, Assets & Keys Management

With : KeysManagement, AssetManagement, Report a RepairCheckki

Everything done with a Simple to Use App– for your staff and contractors.


  • Advanced key-tracking technology; Using QR-code and NFC tracking tags, know where your keys are, who has them, and when they’re meant to be returned; non-returners get a text reminder and key manager also notified 
  • Complete Asset & Equipment Management; access each asset’s details, repair history, location, warranty, and supplier details with the simple scan of an attached heat and water resistant QR-code or NFC tag; allocate specific maintenance checklist for installation and service; all done with a simple App
  • Report and Complete Repairs across your premises; reporting a repair by your staff made easy 24/7; schedule preventative and emergency maintenance appointments in accordance to bank staff and contractors mutual availability; before and after completion photos/videos collected and a Digital Job Sheet with completion remarks generated direct from the App 
  • Quality check and manage your branch standards; keep track of your branch standards with the integrated Checkki App to ensure everything is done with quality and consistency; train your staff and contractors on SOP’s using in-built training videos; receive Digital Inspection Reports automatically; everything in accordance with legal, health and safety, compliance and ISO regulations.

Special Feature: Planned, Preventative Maintenance

 Included as part of: Smart Wok Orders

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it — unless fixing it before it breaks saves you time, your reputation, and money.

Breakdowns happen, and they can be dangerous for those around it when they do. Preventative maintenance is therefore crucial for busy businesses like banks, because it allows you to identify and fix a problem before it has the chance to damage something or someone; ultimately hindering your day-to-day workflow and branch operations.

By investing in preventative maintenance, you can ensure your staff and customers have a safe working environment to manage their finances, whilst saving a lot of money in the process. It’s a financial win-win all around!

Once your asset is on MaintainPad, the Report a Repair app will do the job of reminding you to keep it serviced; giving you peace of mind, and lightening your own workload.

Customer Experience Management

Includes the following apps: DigitalDocuments, BeHeard

  • Digitalise your HR and customer documentation process; distribute, sign, and collect documents like contracts and agreements electronically, and create e-reports with a tap of a screen 
  • Full, industry-standard data encryption; fully encrypt your customer data and store on our remote Cloud, to protect your customer’s personal details and ensure full GDPR-compliancy across your business 
  • Peace-of-mind data safety and recovery; regular data backups and disaster recovery to make sure your company and customer data is up-to-date and safe within your system 
  • Improve your services; collect customer and employee feedback online or in-person with a simple rating system to improve your branch’s services, ensure staff and work quality is maintained, and tailor your branch delivery to customer needs 

Special Feature: Data Safety & Cloud Storage

Included as part of: DigitalDocuments

Ensuring data safety is paramount in our ever-evolving technological world. Data fraud and theft is becoming an increasing issue with each technological advancement, so banks must invest in means to protect theirs and their customers sensitive data.

When you invest in MaintainPad, we provide bespoke and safe Cloud storage for all of your customer, staff, and branch data. With this, you can prevent internal and external misuse of your data, by storing all sensitive information on a remote and well-secured Cloud.

For peace of mind and additional data safety, we conduct routine backups of all data stored on our Cloud, and have measures in place for disaster recover. This means that your data is not only safe from criminals, but from data loss as a result of system malfunctions too.


Staff Management

Includes the following apps: SmartWorkorders, AttendanceRota, YouDo

  • Manage staff attendance with facial recognition technology; log each employees attendance data, timesheets, and time-off efficiently 
  • Effortlessly manage your rotas and shift plans; assign shifts and plan rotas in accordance with your staff’s skills, role, and availability automatically using our smart rota planning technology, and remind staff of their shifts with text-confirmation 
  • Streamline your internal staff communication; assign tasks periodically to each staff member in accordance with their skills and role, track the completion of tasks, collect meeting notes, track sales leads 

Special Feature: Facial Recognition Attendance Logging System

 Included as part of: the following apps: AttendanceRota

Facial recognition technology is everywhere we go; from logging into social media accounts, to even accessing your online banking! Unlike other methods of attendance monitoring, facial recognition is a fool-proof solution to managing late-arrivers and early shift-leavers.

The facial recognition capabilities in our app AttendanceRota, doesn’t only allow for monitoring attendance, but also provides your staff with personalised on-screen messages about their performances and shifts.

Coupled with our auto-scheduling shift management, your staff can be kept up-to-date with their current performances at work, as well as keeping informed on upcoming shifts and rota changes – all whilst remaining hands-free and COVID regulation compliant.


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