Why MaintainPad?

Here is a complete Maintenance Management system tailored for the aviation and travel sectors. Switch to MaintainPad for hassle-free maintenance, asset tracking, compliancy and to improve communication among staff and with your customers.

Maintenance (finally) made easy

Staff can report repairs 24/7, adding photos or videos of the issue. Facility and H&S managers can save time and avoid the stress and hassle of chasing contractors and staff and minimise disruption. Faults, repairs or regular maintenance checks can be tendered out via the App to trusted engineers or internal maintenance staff, they can be approved by just clicking a button. Everyone receives an updated with photo evidence when the issue is resolved to help you keep track of your equipment and assets. The system also allows you to set compliancy reminders to make sure all equipment is within regulation.

Digital inspection reports

Digitalise inspections and generate PDF reports of completed checks or a summary of reports over a period of time with a simple application. Reports can be emailed to the required staff from the App and can include pictures as evidence.

Manage your assets

By tagging and scanning QR codes or RFID tags on your fixed assets, you can report faults and engineers can check the asset’s repair history to analyse trends and keep stock. All information is stored efficiently in one place.

And manage your stock

Track the level of your replenishable stock to never run out of important supplies and to know how much stock is used, when and where. Label pallets with QR codes. Your staff scan stock in and out and select quantity and the allocated job. Staff can send requests, or automatic reordering can be set up when stock levels reach a minimum quantity.

Print your own with QR codes

You will be provided with your own portable battery powered Bluetooth QR code printer. Labels are heat, scratch and water resistant and can be printed (and re-printed) in different sizes and colours to help you categorise your keys or assets.

Unified Indoor Communication for Large Facilities

Geofencing is also an innovative way to receive instance notifications around your premises and automate jobs reporting to the nearest staff members. They are immediately notified of alerts when they enter a selected zone.

Monitor requests sent to colleagues

Streamline communication when working in a team. Send requests to your colleagues or teams with just one click, check progresses and make sure they are not forgotten.

Know what your customers think

Collect customer feedback to improve your services and know what your customers think. It’s easy and fast, they’ll enjoy it.

Know what your staff think

Collect customer feedback to improve your services and know what your customers think. It’s easy and fast, they’ll enjoy it.

Flexibility and Accessibility

Once registered on a computer, MaintainPad can be used on any phone or tablet and can be easily and quickly accessed from anywhere.

Data safety and security

Choose MaintainPad and store your data, save and send documents safely securely in the Cloud.

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