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Mar 27, 2023 | Delivity, Food & Drink

Consumers love the convenience of food delivery, following the rise of the digital age people love to do everything online including ordering their food. Customer retention is the main priority for any food business, restaurants and food wholesale business are adapting to the change to stay in business. Using a poorly built delivery system can have a severe impact on the business if it doesn’t work, you’ll lose customers, it’s that simple.

There are many third party delivery services today. You can choose from places like OrderAcloud, Uber Eats, and Door Dash to name a few to create your own system of delivery. These platforms make it easy to set up your account and create a notification system to send customers their food order quickly.

Some users say the convenience is taking away from the restaurant quality of service, and that customers are being overcharged for the fast service. By paying extra to use a third-party delivery platform there is a trend of customers especially in a cost of living crisis looking to save every penny so ordering direct can help keep more of their money. As a business you are expected to pay between 25 and 40 percent through your chosen delivery platform for each order you take, passing that extra charge to customer via inflated prices can be detrimental to the business as customer will typically look to go elsewhere, its a no brainer to have your own and keep that profit.

Did you know about 40% of customers leave brands and go for an alternative because of their bad delivery system? The issues with a bad delivery system can be bad management of logistics, if you suddenly receive a large influx of orders -it makes it difficult to provide on-time delivery. Additionally prioritising orders to ensure the same level of quality and freshness every time its delivered to a customer. Integrating your own delivery system would resolve these issues.

Our App Delivity can help you optimise and manage your own delivery service with just some of the following

  1. Real-time tracking of riders by the customer.
  2. Contact details of the rider.
  3. Pin exact location of Rider through Google Maps API.
  4. Optimised UI for customers.

With all these features, Delivity will help you keep and gain customers that would be put off due to the unstable delivery system in your business

Real-time tracking in Delivery service in Delivity

Real-time tracking

Real-time tracking

Real-time tracking helps customers to track their food or packages throughout the delivery process. Customers can see where their package is, who took it and when they will be delivering it. It also helps businesses to provide better service for their customers by providing more accurate information about their orders and shipment status. 

Track your Employees’ Performance in Real-time 

Employee evaluation

Employee evaluation

Real-time food and drink delivery also makes it easier for companies to manage their resources more efficiently. For example, if there is a problem with one employee’s performance or attitude, it will be easier for an employer to find out about this problem through real-time tracking than by using traditional methods.  Moreover, as it’s digital and automated, you don’t need to hire another employee for the audit tracking. On the CRM side, you can view all your rider’s information. E.g, their total orders, active orders, cancelled orders, late deliveries and much other essential information. 

Track your Deliveries with Delivity

Tracking deliveries in real-time in delivity

Tracking deliveries in real-time

Real-time tracking of small business delivery services is a great way to ensure that your packages are delivered on time for you. It allows you to track their progress in real-time, giving you the ability to better manage the delivery process. Some companies may also use this method to alert customers when their package has arrived at its destination.   Consequently, it’ll help you to track any breakdown in real time. This will prevent delays and any issues during the delivery system. And you can track your delivery analytics in-depth and in real time.   

Increase Customer Satisfaction 

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction

With real-time tracking, your customers can track their orders live on the app. They’ll know where their order is, can contact the rider and will know the ETA of their order. And it’s far better than telling them the ETA and disappearing without giving them any update.  Therefore, it will increase the satisfaction rate from your customers. Your customer wants to track their order and get real-time updates on their order. Giving them an ETA without any live updates, will make your customers unsatisfied with the delivery section and decrease the satisfaction rate.   

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