Buy or subscribe? The dilemma with staff attendance clocking systems

Mar 28, 2024 | Attendance Rota, HR & Productivity

benefits of attendance management system

Staff attendance clocking systems comparison. Subscribe or buy?


How does Uptivity’s offering compare with other (often cheaper) generic devices


There are any number of biometric scanning devices for recording staff attendance. Each looks more impressive than the next, and you can almost not believe how cheap they are. This is a testament to how far Chinese factories have come in the last few decades. They are churning out quality hardware for seemingly no money.  

So why would (should) anyone subscribe to Uptiviy’s clocking in/out system when there are cheaper alternatives?

In a word, time

There are time savings everywhere. 

You can automatically be informed (if you put all your shift/staff combinations in -we can help with this). 

You won’t get the information you don’t want, like when someone arrives on time. Only when they aren’t. 

Big time-saving. 

If you have a payroll system, we can get them talking—big convenience. 

We have a rostering system built in. It can match staff roles and availability with shifts at the click of a button. It may need some manual intervention to be perfect, but it could save hours every week. 

Let’s compare with one such system, the ZkTeco 360

comparison table

subscription clocking system v generic biometric hardware

So which is better?

That really depends. If you want to save money, always go with the Zkteco.

If you want to save time, the Attendance Rota works better for you. It’s a no-brainer, especially if you have many staff and a shift system. 

Even from the reliability point of view, if both have hardware faults, for Uptivity, you can pop out to the shops and buy an Android tablet, again saving time.  

To learn more about Attendance Rota , go here.

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