24/7 Self Service Report a Repair

  • Still getting disruptive calls, emails and messages about repair requests. Make yourself and your tenant’s life easy when it comes to reporting a repair.
  • Tenant’s report a needed repair by scanning an asset QR-code or uploading photo evidence from their mobile device.
  • The app then alerts you that a repair is needed, what it is, and then suggests the most relevant contractor to fix it.
  • When a repair is completed, the contractor can then upload their own photo evidence as proof of completion for you and your tenants to sign-off.

Accurate Reporting from Tenants no matter what type of issue it is

  • Avoid unnecessary site visits by capturing accurate information of the repair needed such as make, model, pictures and videos.
  • Empower employees or tenants to take photos of issues, attach videos to their repair requests.
  • You and your repair management team can assess the nature of the issue and take relevant tools and parts along, saving everyone’s time.

Self-Service Videos

  • Have you tried turning it off and on again? Reducing the amount of unnecessary calls and emails coming to property managers.
  • Tenants when reporting a repair are prompted to try and fix it themselves first with help of video usage guides,reducing frustration and eliminating time wasted on trips.
  • If they are still unable to fix it, a suitable contractor can be called out to assist them.

Print your own QR Codes for Assets and Equipment On-the Go

  • Our Asset Management app comes with a portable battery powered Bluetooth QR code printer. Print QR codes for the assets while on the move.
  • Different label sizes fit on every size of asset. The printer is compatible with 24 different colour tapes so you can have different assets tagged in different colours e.g. red QR tag for something critical.
  • The QR tags are waterproof, and heat/scratch resistant so you can stick them on any type of equipment such as ovens.
  • Should you lose a tag, you can re-print the tag when you want. No more waiting for 3rd party suppliers to provide you the asset tags, Why pay to buying tags when you can make your own?

Fixed Assets & Equipment Management System

  • Tag your Fixed Assets with QR codes or RFID Tags.
  • Tenants can scan QR codes to report faults, engineers can scan the same tag to check an assets repairs history.
  • Asset managers analyse repair trends, common issues and keep spare parts in stock.
  • Avoid the cost of unnecessary replacements, repairs or bills and stay in control of your assets.
Asset Management breif 5

Rotating Assets & Equipment Management System

  • Get visibility of your Rotating Assets no matter where they are or who has them.
  • Check your Rotating Assets in and out using QR codes. In a single view, see what’s due to be returned.
  • Automated reminders sent to people who’ve not returned loaned assets.
  • Remind your workforce to regularly perform safety checks on assets such as vehicles and ladders.
  • Reduce liability and risk to your business by regularly checking and testing your Rotating Assets for safety and compliance such as vehicles.
  • Booking your Rotating Assets and keeping an accurate schedule can help you save costs.

RFID & GPS Asset Tags

  • With our innovative approach, we can link RFID tags to assets.
  • Instead of scanning a physical tag, simply walk within the RFID operating range to detect what assets are within the reach.
  • Perfect for areas with a lot of assets that need to be accounted for in a short space such as property inventory checks.

Store & Access Asset & Equipment related documents

  • Access documentation relating to the asset & equipment.
  • User manuals to aid use of the asset & equipment.
  • User guidance on how to set up the asset & equipment.
  • Attach essential documentaion such as safety certification to ensure the asset & equipment is safe to be used.

Asset & Equipment Depreciation Calculated Automatically

  • Clearly see assets current value with a breakdown of monthly or annual depreciating factor.
  • Just scan the code on the asset and be able to see an estimate of what their value will be, so you can monitor when it’s time to change your assets.

Reporting Asset & Equipment Depreciation

  • System maintains and calculates Assets and Equipment Depreciation automatically.
  • Helps when it comes to do expensive repairs on assets.
  • Record and view the depreciation of their value.

Should You Replace or Repair?

  • Avoid spending on repairs and servicing on assets that are beyond economical repair.
  • Assets depreciate in value and also start to cost more in repairs and servicing over a period of time. Asset Management app can help saving costs in repairs.

Recurring Checks for Each Type of Asset & Equipment Checklist

  • Use Custom checklists and attach them to assets ensuring that every asset is maintained and serviced to high quality and to manufacturers specifications.
  • Checking assets on a regular basis will increase the lifespan of the equipment and ensure your warranties and insurances are not voided.

Easy Work Orders (Digital Jobs Sheets)

  • Everything is allocated and captured on the app.
  • Engineers don’t have to come to office to collect job sheets.
  • Access work schedule, before and after photos, completion notes and much more using the full suite of Maintainpad app.
  • Useful for audit trail and a log of what was repaired, when and by whom.

Identify Recurring Faults and Trends Easily

  • By accessing an assets faults and repairs history, you will be able to make an informed decision on whether an item should be fixed or replaced.
  • The app will also help you analyse trends to understand what the underlying issues are and what replacement parts you need to keep in stock.

Dashboard for Repair Jobs, Work Orders, Stock & Inventory

  • Keep forgetting about scheduled or reactive maintenance & Work orders?
  • With Asset Management overdue Work order automatically get added to your dashboard so you can always be aware of what hasn’t been done.
  • With automatic alerts appearing you can also create new Work orders as soon as the repairs have been requested.
  • Each work order has a unique number and bar code, so its easy to locate.

Every Inspection, Work Orders & Jobs Done Consistently & Done Right

  • Pair our Checkki app with Asset Management, and each asset-related job has its own completion checklist.
  • Make sure your contractors and engineers don’t miss out the details just because they forgot something.
  • Cut down site visits and ensure every job is done consistently right every time by each contractor or staff.

Reports with Every Detail

  • Every detail captured from the app is shown in an intuitive graphical report, with photographic evidence of work carried out.
  • Actions on the report can also be risk assessed in points.
  • Any actions need taking highlighted on the report and report updated as and when the issues are resolved.

Centralised management

All your assets can be managed from a central dashboard no matter how many locations the assets are in.

  • Now with asset management you can see all assets locations no matter where they are.
  • Clear picture of all asset’s location from a centralised dashboard.

Keep Your Customers in the Know

  • From issues reported by tenants to issues resolved by your team, everything is captured with photographic evidence with costs and time spent on each issue.
  • Our Asset Management app saves and shares information to the right people at the right time.
  • Automated notifications sent with detailed PDF reports with remedial work done and parts replaced with a few clicks. Better still, reports can be sent directly from the app.

Itemised Labour Costs for Each Repair Job

  • Have labour costs attached to each asset maintenance so you can see a breakdown of assets servicing costs.
  • Get clarity on labour costs linked to each asset’s repairs and overall cost of ownership.

One-Click Approval

  • Asset owners can approve repairs quickly saving you time in following up and chasing for repair approval.
  • As an Asset Manager, you can receive accurate information, images and videos about a repair, access work quotes so asset owner can easily approve the job, all through one app!

Auto-Informed Job Progress

  • Keep everyone informed of the progress on repairs with automatic notifications.
  • Stop having to chase up on the progress of various jobs, when they will be completed and who will complete them.
  • Save the hassle with Asset Management, all the relevant people can be automatically informed of all necessary information.

Keep a track of stock and inventory being used against each asset

Would you want to know how much of engine oil has been used by a vehicle over the last 12 months and calculate the stock value for the engine oil used? Just so you know the servicing costs as well as keeping track of the stock items used.

  • Keeping track of stock for an asset can allow you to truly see which assets are cheaper maintaining.
  • Get transparency on your stock items being used against each asset. If you are not able to see it, you can’t improve it.

Set Custom Permission Levels for Each System and App User

  • Customise what data specific users have access to view or edit.
  • Ensure that trusted users can edit important information, while all users can edit basic information.
  • Control app access levels and users can view or do from the app.

Set Customised dashboards

  • Customise your dashboards based on user permissions and what is important for them.
  • Display key performance indicators (KPI’s), actionable items, overdue jobs, upcoming tasks, trends and patterns and so much more.

Customised and Detailed Reporting

  • Create custom reports based on your business needs.
  • Setup specific conditions that send you reports automatically or download the reports whenever you need the information.
  • Schedule reports that can be sent out to different staff, contractors and even your customers to see specific information.

Setup Custom notifications

  • Create custom notifications based on your business needs.
  • Setup specific conditions that alert and remind you of important things that need specific people’s attention at the right time.
  • Get the right information at the right time for you and your team to take action.

Let them talk Integration with your existing ERP and CRM systems

  • Uptivity Apps can integrate with any existing systems or 3rd party systems such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, IBM Maximo, Oracle & Salesforce.
  • Our apps can also integrate to your accounting software such as Sage, Quickbooks etc.
  • It’s good for SYSTEMS TO TALK. Uptivity Apps can do that.

Data Safety, Privacy and Security

  • Industry-Standard Data Security; Encrypted and secure communication of data no matter where you access it from. Secure Cloud infrastructure protecting sensitive information and ensuring GDPR-compliance.
  • Peace-of-mind Data Safety and High Availability; ISO Certified Data Centers with 99.9% up-times with regular data backups and disaster recovery to make sure your operations keep running smoothly around the clock.

Who is Asset Management for?

Our Pricing

Our pricing can be customised to your business’s specific needs. We offer subscriptions to individual apps and packages tailored for different sectors.
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*One-off setup fees may apply.
**RFID tags costs not included.
***QR Code printer not included.

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