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Jun 27, 2021 | Asset Management, Facilities & Maintenance

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Interested in how our Asset Management App stacks up against competitors? We’ve done the hard part for you! Keep reading this article to find out just how we compare to other leading apps currently on the market. Asset Management apps have truly revolutionised the way industries work. From simply tracking equipment and tools, to sending automatic work orders to the correct engineers all at the tap of a screen, asset management has never been so efficient. A full-scale tracking system in the palm of your hand By taking a look at the alternatives produced by Real Asset Management and Fiixsoftware, we’re able to demonstrate exactly what our team can do for you, surpassing all the rest! Unlike our competitors, our app is not based on CMMS software. This means that every feature listed is fully available on iOS and Android devices through our app rather than requiring a main computing unit. Our ‘Report a fault’ feature will save you money This is more than just a tracking system, but a cost-effective method of managing repairs. The no-nonsense approach enables users to report a fault, automatically creating a work order for whichever engineer is assigned to the job. Both parties receive real time progress reports, while time and cost information is recorded for viewing. An assets repair history provides essential indicators to management which help to analyse trends, as well as preempt costs and tool replacement. Asset information will not only save costs, but valuable time for your employees. On scanning a QR or RFID tag, engineers can access servicing guides and checklists which greatly accelerate the reparation process. Our service is so in depth that engineers know exactly whether an asset is placed at at height and if they should bring a ladder for the job! Never has asset management been so easy. To see exactly how our apps tally up, check out the chart below!

App FeaturesAssetManagementReal Asset ManagementFiixsoftware Asset Management App
Supported on Windows mobile devices
Supported on Android
Supported on iOS
QR Codes
Bluetooth QR Code printer
Varying label sizes
Label colour options
GPS coordinates
Asset information
Repair history records
Monitor asset condition
Maintenance checklists
Automatic reminders on overdue assets
Safety check reminders
Cost tracker
Time tracker
Work request portal
Link e-documents/photographs to assets
Parts and supplies management
Work order management
Live image capture/upload
Offline mode
Asset events
Cost tracker
Time tracker
Push notifications
Text reminders
30 day free trial
Asset reserve option
Speech to text dictation

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