Productivity: how to maximise it at home or at the office!

Feb 4, 2021 | HR & Productivity, YouDo

Productivity is priority in this meeting room

We aren’t always so serious here at Uptivity, which is why we’re introducing a new feature to our blog where we shed a little more light on who we (the humans, not the robots!) are, how we work, and what we’ve been enjoying lately. This week we’re taking a look at productivity, and how we all work either from the office or at the dining room table!


As I’m sure we’ve all come to find over the past year, being productive is no easy task. In fact, many of us struggle with productivity as working-from-home comes with it’s own incredible challenges, and working in offices means we’re secluded from our colleagues because of social distancing. According to research conducted by Bain & Company, most of us report being less productive now than we were a mere twelve months ago. If you’re anything like me, my thoughts can wander and what seems like only a minute passes, and it’s already time to head off home or log off for the day! Being productive is essential for working efficiently, but it is normal to not be 100% productive, 100% of the time – the pandemic especially has caused people to reevaluate their own productivity, and work-life balance!


But what can we do to be more productive when it counts? We’re here to share some of our thoughts, tips, and tricks:  


Muhammad (CEO)

Productivity for me is all about innovating new ways of working, meeting deadlines and commitments. Having a hard deadline always works for me where my clients and staff hold me accountable.
I am always looking to innovate how the whole business operates for our customers, staff and how we respond to change in an ever changing competitive world. If we can’t innovate, we’re not productive!


Ash (Business Development Manager)

I find I’m most productive if I’m doing something I love (or at least find tolerable!), with an eventual goal or reward in sight.  I worked a job a while back that was tedious to say the least – think of the dullest job you’ve ever done at times that by one-hundred! It was so boring, but the eventual goal of getting the work done in the three-month period I had to do it was enough of a motivator to push me to be productive – in the end, I got it done with a whole month to spare. Not bad I don’t think?


This image shows a man being productive at work

Productivity can be difficult, even for the most disciplined of us!



Cristina (Growth and Content Manager)

I feel I am being more productive when I am among people. During my PhD, I used to go to the library at its busiest time because the noises and voices in the background would help me concentrate and mentally isolate better. It works a little bit like music, though music with no words, so I can’t sing along (or songs in a foreign language I don’t speak so I can’t follow what is being said). Now in the office, I work a lot faster when people are discussing or talking around me – as long as they don’t involve me in the conversation, that just distracts me.


Beth (Marketing Coordinator, me!)

Working to strict deadlines usually makes me the most productive, and as people in the office have come to find, I am a meticulous planner! For me to be my most productive self, I prefer to plan things ahead incrementally – setting new targets and goals in short snippets, working towards the big thing. I can’t however, work in a loud environment (which was a struggle during uni hah!) and prefer complete silence over any kind of music, although I’ll allow instrumental music if I must! My biggest word of advice for you though if you’re currently working from home? Invest in noise-cancelling earphones!


We don’t have any apps for productivity specifically (though never say never!), but we do have a fantastic range that can help with your business needs. Sound interesting? Check out what we have to offer at: 


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