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JustSell Wholesale Ecommerce

Wholesale Ecommerce Solution with No Hidden Fees

Customer portal for wholesale Ecommerce

  • Give customers access to their order history, invoices, relevant documents and resources
  • Send customer updates about their order status changes
  • Eliminate paperwork, unnecessary calls and manual invoices
  • Find order placement, delivery tracking and payment, all within the portal

Eliminate paperwork, unnecessary calls and manual invoices.

Customer portal for wholesale ecommerce
Pricing and Discounts with JustSell

Personal Pricing and Discounts

  • Configure membership tiers and discounts effortlessly
  • Set up personalised pricing for each customer
  • Streamline the ordering process with a simple custom ordering app

Managing pricing has never been easier.

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  • NHigh costs?
  • NLack of support?
  • NNeed more flexibility?

Exactly 0% Commission

  • Fixed monthly/annual fee with 0% commission
  • No hidden costs or unexpected charges, ensuring clear and predictable expenses
  • Maximise your profits with our wholesale ecommerce platform and straightforward pricing model that aligns with your business needs
Exactly 0% Commission JustSell
Sales Rep App

Sales Rep App

  • Keep your staff up to date with the latest stock numbers and styles straight from your suppliers
  • Convert quotes into customer orders and invoice customers by email with a click of a button
  • Capture customer contact details for follow-up conversations
  • Automatically add discounts on a client-by-client basis
  • Identify and reach nearby customers, thanks to nearby customer map view feature

Help your sales reps meet their sales targets.

Freedom to use any payment provider

Unlike other wholesale ecommerce platforms, JustSell allows you to chooses your own payment processing company, meaning you’re not tied with payment providers that charge excessive fees or commissions

JustSell offers the freedom to take payment however it suits your business needs

  • Credit & debit cards
  • PayPal & Stripe
  • Direct debit & standing orders
  • Cash on delivery or collection
  • Open banking system or any payment processor of your choice
Freedom to use any payment provider with JustSell
Manage social media accounts and email marketing campaigns with JustSell

Manage social media accounts and email marketing campaigns

  • Link and manage multiple social media accounts within the software
  • Plan and schedule marketing campaigns
  • Monitor social media engagement and campaign effectiveness through analytics
  • Create and design email marketing campaigns
  • Integrate customer data for personalised and relevant email content

Your Own Branded Wholesale Customer Ordering App

  • Increase your brand exposure and give your clients bigger access to your business
  • Send push notifications to stay connected with your customers
  • Send information about deals, events, and even automatic “we miss you” messages
Branded app

Other Features

Multi-Channel Selling

Multi-Channel Selling

Manage products, update pricing and control stock across various platforms like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and more. Focus on core business aspects while our platform takes care of operational details
Manage Your Own Deliveries

Manage Your Own Deliveries

Take control of your deliveries with the flexibility to manage them in-house or integrate them with third-party services. Customise and tailor your delivery approach to best suit your business needs.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Friendly

Website Content Management System (CMS) and SEO Friendly

Create and manage product pages, track and update product stock levels and integrate and manage promotional offers and discounts with our Website Content Management System. Customise meta tags and descriptions for improved search engine indexing, access analytics tools and create product pages optimised for search engines.

EPoS Integration

EPoS & ERP Integration

Complete 2 way integrations with any ERP, EPoS or any of your existing systems with Open API’s framework. Manage inventory and process orders. We provide enterprise level integrations to ERP, EPoS & PIM systems to avoid duplicating admin work and reducing human errors.


EPoS Integration

CRM for Ecommerce

JustSell CRM includes enquiries and quotes management, customer follow ups, newsletters and promotional campaigns, order management and abandoned carts follow ups.

Automated Notifications

Automated Notifications

Receive notifications on order placements and cancellations, get notified when inventory is running low, track the shipping progress and send notifications for discounts and special offers.

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Frequently asked questions

What is wholesale ecommerce?

Wholesale ecommerce is a B2B (business-to-business) ecommerce model that involves buying and selling of good in large quantities between businesses, typically at discounted prices for resale. It caters to B2B transactions, with features like bulk purchasing and discounted pricing based on volume of the order and the customer.

Can we customise the website designs available?

Yes, the system allows you to change content and some level of the designs yourself. However, if you would like to do further customisation to the design and layout, our team can do that for you, if needed.

Are we allowed to integrate payment gateways of our own choice?

Yes, as long as your preferred payment provider offers ecommerce site integrations.

What is the difference between JustSell Wholesale Ecommerce and other platforms, such as Shopify Plus?

The main difference is in the running costs of JustSell. For starters we do not charge commission on your sales. There is also a big difference in licensing costs.

What is the difference between JustSell Wholesale Ecommerce and open source ecommerce platforms like OpenCart and WooCommerce?

JustSell offers everything you would need to run your wholesale ecommerce store, which includes things like security updates, support, hosting and backups. Whereas with platforms like OpenSource and WooCommerce you would have to pay for these services separately. In that case you might save costs on licensing but there will be other hidden costs, such as support and customisation.

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