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Sales Rep App

Help your sales reps meet their targets with an app built for sales reps

Sales Rep app for Your Industry

Sales Rep App for Builders's Merchant
Builder’s Merchants
Sales Rep App for food and beverage wholesale
Food and Beverage Wholesale
Sales Rep App for Medical and Pharmaceutical
Medical and Pharmaceutical
Sales Rep App for Automobile Wholesale
Automobile Wholesale
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Proven to increase sales

The first customer of the Sales Rep App nearly trebled (279%) their sales from the sales reps.

Your sales representative will be able to use the app to:

  • Take orders in the field with delivery costs and lead times showing
  • See existing customers history, open quotes and payment records
  • Use interactive map to see nearby leads and identify sales opportunities
  • Generate customised quotes based on personal and profile-based pricing
  • See overdue payments and collect outstanding amount
Sales Rep App Proven to increase sales
Sales Rep App For In-Store & Field Sales Representatives

For In-Store & Field Sales Representatives

Ideal for commission-based team, including those at car dealerships, furniture stores, or home appliance retailers.

  • Instantly access latest product offerings and stock availability: the app shares updates on new products and stock lines, enabling sales representatives to promptly introduce them to customers
  • Assist sales representatives in guiding customers towards in-stock items, ensuring smoother transactions, thanks to real-time availability and lead time information
  • Capture customer contact information for follow-up discussions
  • Access personalised pricing for customers based on tiered or banded structures
  • Quickly generate and dispatch quotes and estimates

Interactive prospects map for fields sales representatives

  • Utilise an interactive prospects map for comprehensive visualisation of nearby leads
  • Field sales representatives can strategically plan routes to visit nearby potential prospects
  • Evaluate prospect’s order history and previous quotes to inform decision-making on visitation prioritisation
  • Leverage access to past orders and quotes to enable sales representatives in making personalised sales propositions tailored to prospect preferences and needs
Sales Rep App map for fields sales
Centralise distributed sales teams

Centralise distributed sales teams

  • Ensure sales staff stay informed with real-time stock numbers and pricing updates
  • Accurately process orders for made-to-order products
  • Automatically apply personalised pricing and discounts to each customer profile, eliminating pricing and discount errors
  • Monitor individual sales rep performance in achieving their sales targets

Ireland based Building Material Wholesaler has increased their revenue x2.8 using JustSell Sales Rep App

Wholesale pricing made easy with sales rep app

  • Flexible pricing structures: membership pricing, tiered pricing, and band pricing options
  • Drive upselling opportunities with appealing bundle and volume-based pricing strategies
  • Central pricing management across your entire sales

Foster sustainable customer relationships.

Wholesale pricing made easy with sales rep app
Reward loyal customers with special & membership discounts with Sales Rep App

Reward loyal customers with special & membership discounts

  • Implement discount tiers based on membership status within the sales management app
  • Offer special discounts for large orders to reward loyal customers
  • Encourage increased spending through special discounts for large orders

Bulk & multi-buy discounts

  • Streamline bulk ordering for simplicity
  • Simplify the ordering process with just few clicks
  • Promote multi-buy orders to encourage purchases
  • Forge long-lasting customer relationships
Bulk & multi-buy discounts with Sales Rep App
Real-time stock levels and up-to-date pricing

Real-time stock levels and up-to-date pricing

  • Equip your in-store and field sales representatives with real-time stock updates to enhance customer sales experience
  • With the sales rep app your sales team can provide accurate delivery estimates and guide customers to available products
  • Real-time pricing data helps sales reps make the most profitable decision, prioritising product recommendations for maximum impact

Overdue payment reminders

  • Provide your sales team with a function to proactively remind customers of outstanding balances prior to processing any new orders, enhancing financial management
  • Maintain oversight of customer payment history to prevent further sales to customers who are behind their payment, ensuring financial stability
  • Secure electronic payments during customer visits (customisable according to your business requirements)
Overdue payment reminders with Sales Rep App
Customer order history and buying behaviour with sales rep app

Customer order history and buying behaviour

  • Help your sales reps upsell by leveraging existing customer order history and buying behaviour
  • Access and display customer ordering history, enabling a personalised approach to boost sales
  • Enhance account management by allowing sales reps to monitor delivery and payment status of existing orders directly through the sales management app

Quotes and sales. Easy

  • Sales Rep App enables sales representatives to generate personalised quotes for individual customers
  • Quotes can be conveniently emailed directly to customers from within the app
  • All quotes generated by your distributed sales team are synchronised back to the central system and dashboard
  • Sales reps can prioritise follow-ups based on quote value or proximity to closing a sale
  • The sales representative app facilitates the conversion of sales quotations into actual sales orders, streamlining the process and saving valuable time
Easy Quotes and Sales with Sales Rep App
Performance-based commission management with Sales Rep App

Performance-based commission management

  • Sales Rep App features a commission calculator, determining sales reps’ commission based on individual performance metrics
  • Work out commission in-app in accordance with performance parameters
  • Apply performance criteria to ensure precise commission payments tailored to each sales representative’s achievements

This is a optional feature that caters to businesses with extensive performance-oriented sales teams, enhancing incentive structures and motivation

Integrates with your existing CRM, ERP or EPoS

  • The Sales Rep App seamlessly integrates with your current CRM, ERP, or EPoS systems. While it’s a core component of our cloud-based Ecommerce platform JustSell, it’s also capable of functioning independently or integrating with your existing systems.
Sales Rep App integration with CRM, ERP or EPoS


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