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Nov 6, 2019 | Facilities & Maintenance, Keyzi



If you’ve ever stayed in a hotel, you’ll see that the vast majority of hotel chains have abandon keys for more electronic solutions. Key cards, in particular, are very popular. They fix in your pocket, they’re very secure, you can track their location. So why haven’t property managers and letting agents adopted key cards? Where’s the key tracking system for apartments where people live for much longer than a few nights or a weekend away? In this article, we will explain and give you reasons why property managers should use the keys management app.

Put simply, many clients prefer tradition keys to any futuristic key tracking system. They’re far more reliable and more importantly, they’re homely.  Especially for people renting long term properties. But having keys comes with problems.  With no electronic components, keys can be stolen and lost. And they can’t be tracked, meaning you have to log everything manually. 

At Maintainpad, we’ve got a solution to this conundrum. With our keys management app you can keep your good ol’ keys but you can attach QR codes to your key rings. That way, you add a range of electronic benefits without forking out for a range of electronic locks or other wildly expensive hardware. You also keep your tenants happy- they can keep their keys and their locks don’t need to be changed. It’s the  perfect key management system for property management and here’s why :  

  • It’s paperless:

Every time you scan a key in and out you use a tablet or phone. The app is highly compatible with any device so if you don’t use a tablet in the office, you can also use your own phone.   

  • It’s Organised:

Each time you scan a key, it is automatically logged in your MaintainPad account. It stores all the information you need, including what the key is for, who took it out and when.  From there you can easily search for keys, find out where they are and who has them. So, when you are working in real estate and registering a key theres no need to search through and categorize each time a key changes hand in your big estate agent key logbook.   

  • Its Secure:

Yes, QR codes can be scanned by anyone from any device. But importantly if a member of the public, who isn’t logged in your MaintainPad account, scans one of your keys, all they will see is a message asking them to return your keys to your office. Therefore, regardless of the compatibility of QR codes, the app is completely secure.  

  • It’s Cheap:

All you need for keys management is a subscription to MaintainPad and an inexpensive QR code printer. And that’s it. No electronic locks. No 3D printers. 

  • Its Compatible:

 Keys management is just one part of Maintainpad’s line of helpful apps. The only thing better than keys management is using keys management alongside a wide range of our other applications. Check out our other pages to learn more.  


So now you can see that our key scanner app offers the perfect balance between electronic modernization and traditional property management. Its paperless, organized, secure, cheap and highly compatible with a range of other helpful apps.  At MaintainPad, we design our apps with you in mind. So, check them out, they could be your next big money-saver. Here we gave five reasons to property managers why should they use keys management app, if you have still any confusion OR queries Contact us.

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