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F11 engineering use You Do

F11 is a medium-sized highly specialised engineering company. It has staff at different locations around the world and works closely with a few high-quality suppliers, largely in Asia.

Their big issue was communication, or rather, remembering (or finding) what the communication had been.
Manager Olly said, “One person would ask a supplier to find a tool which was under ££ cost, had features of A, B & C, and was available in quantities of 25 or below, with delivery within 3 days of an order.”
Olly continued, “This could be communicated via email or WhatsApp group chat. There would be a few back & forth questions and responses. There would be other conversations at the same time about different matters. A few weeks later, the original communication would be difficult to find. The person requesting the job might even forget what was asked from whom!”


F11 then subscribed to You Do (business edition) from Uptivity. At £3.95 per month per person, it was a no-brainer. Even so, they only initially registered 50 user accounts, of which 20 were for key people at their suppliers.


Once they started to use You Do, it quickly became their primary tool for this type of communication
Olly said, “It proved to be very quick and easy. We can send a You Do to multiple people. Those in other countries can see a translation of the text. I can request updates. Images can be added with ease. The main benefit is until that request is completed, it stays on my queue. And their queue! So it doesn’t get forgotten or lost. We are so impressed, we recently added all our staff on You Do. It even helps with communication between people sitting in the same office.”


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