Keys Management: Comparing Key Tagging and Tracking Services

Jun 27, 2021 | Facilities & Maintenance, Keyzi

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Business owners around the world, rejoice! Long gone are the days of scrambling around trying to identify which key opens what, or mercilessly checking each key in and out manually, trying to identify the one that is missing. We live in a new age now, and electronic security key systems are no longer the future, but the present!

Fortunately for you, there are plenty of options available which will help you streamline your key organisation and allow you to track each key throughout the day. The question is: which is best for you? We are here to help and have listed our top three services to get you started!

  1. Keys Management

A QR code-reader based service which allows you to track as well as sign-in/out keys with minimal effort across all major smartphone and tablet devices. The key selling point of this service is it’s feature that allows unregistered devices to be able to scan and return lost or misplaced keys without revealing details about the keys uses; a major pro of this GDPR compliant, security-focussed system!

  1. Keytracker

Keytracker offers a wide range of hardware security options for your key tracking and organising needs, with built in software allowing for remote and real-time key-tracking across their range of products. Whether you need a basic key safe, or an electronic key control system, Keytracker covers it all.

  1. Keyzapp

A service with a simple user interface and minimal manual input, providing quick and easy sign-ins and outs for multiple keys per user. If you’re conscious about monitoring your key- usage and systems, this service also provides click-recording to ensure a secure and thorough audit trail.

What’s on offer?A QR code-reader based system (with optional NFC capabilities) that uses QR codes to scan, assign, and track keys across authorised and non-authorised key- users Variety of hardware solutions with built- in security and tracking software to protect your keys and meet your business needs An easy to use, NFC and QR code compatible system for tracking and scanning keys with minimal manual input or expertise required 
FeaturesOnly tells authorised devices what the key opens to ensure maximum security across the system Unauthorised devices are instructed how to return the misplaced key when scanned as well as provided with contact information

Keys can be assigned to individuals, managers, or whole teams ensuring more flexibility in working

Device cross- compatibility across all models of mobile phone and tablet
A wide variety of security solutions from basic key safe boxes to advanced electronic key control systems

Key systems such as the drop-box, which allows for more flexible, out-of-hours working 
Scan-in scan-out system with minimal manual input required, and click recording for a clean and thorough audit trail

Scan-out multiple keys per user in one transaction – time saving and more efficient!

Simple to use user interface that requires little learning to use effectively 
SecurityA fully GDPR compliant system; customer security is a main focus

Set sign-out deadlines, and track keys that are late or lost; key- users hold the responsibility for liabilities
Additional web- based security software that allows for key and asset tracking in real-time

Administrative control for granting permissions as well as limiting access to features on software 
Automated text message chase-up for overdue keys

Record of every click for a secure and thorough audit trail 
Device CompatibilityCompatible across all major smartphone and tablet models

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