How does Attendance Rota compare to other solutions?

Oct 18, 2019 | Attendance Rota, HR & Productivity



Attendance loggers aren’t a new idea. But I believe that FaceScan has bridged the gap between affordability and usability. In this article, you can compare Attendance Rota with different solutions available and form your own opinion about the best product available. After reading this article you will say yeah you are right Attendance Rota is the best product that can help to boost our business and help to manage your business efficiently.

Fingerprint Scanner:


Almost everyone with a phone has experienced how temperamental fingerprint scanners can be, this can cause massive issues when it is the sole clocking in system. The scanner will get dirty and be unable to identify people correctly. Not only is it more temperamental than facial recognition software, but fingerprint scanners can also be fooled very easily! It can take someone around 5 minutes to replicate their fingerprint, this could be exploited by some employees and could cost your business money.

Dedicated Clock-in Machines:

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Machines that are purpose-built for clocking in and out may seem like the best solution at first. But in practice, they are a pain to use. As they require a punch card or time sheet, an employee may forget this causing the system to ignore them being at work. FaceScan uses facial recognition, this lends itself perfectly to attendance tracking. The excuse of “I forgot my card” won’t work, as when was the last time you forgot your face?

How is Attendance Rota going to help your business.?

Attendance Rota has many useful features. It’s not just about facial recognition! For big companies, communications between employees and managers can be lost; however, FaceScan allows any employee to request time off from the app! This can allow the person in charge of scheduling to have an overview of who wants time off and when. As well as this, managers can leave messages for their employees to see when they sign in. Allowing tasks to be completed as soon as possible. These bonus features of FaceScan are perfect for large businesses “because a company runs on the efficiency of communication” – David Brent.

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