How Attendance Rota is the best biometric system ?

Oct 15, 2019 | Attendance Rota, HR & Productivity


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Nowadays, everyone wants to grow their businesses. In any business, the most important task is to manage your employees in an organization. We have a solution to track your employees, Attendance Rota is a mobile application (IOS and Android), an attendance management system. Attendance Rota is using Facial recognition technology.  Just need to attach a device to track all employees using the same device. In this article, we will prove “How Attendance Rota is the best biometric system ? ” in the world.


Security of Best Attendance Management Software:

Unlike biometric clocking systems, AttendanceRota uses it difficult to breach facial recognition. The problem with using thumbprints is that they get “left” on the scanner. There are many ways to duplicate a thumbprint, this could cause a massive security breach. By using facial recognition software, Attendancerota is much more secure than the competition.


Using AttendanceRota gives you a complete overview of your business. Our software gives you a smooth communications channel between you and your employees, this allows you to easily give them tasks to do, receive requests from them and increase the flow of information in your business. The time saved relaying messages in this way will improve the effectiveness of your business. AttendanceRota is unique for offering this communications channel as most another clocking in systems only use to record the time people arrive and leave at. AttendanceRota gives much more than just that.

The efficiency of Attendance Rota:

Setting shifts can be a pain, we know this and that’s why we have included an automated scheduling tool for you to use. All you need to do is input the hour’s people want to work, days and times they can’t work and then click generate. It’s that simple. This can save you lots of time whilst keeping your employees happy. Using the communications channel, your employees can request holidays, this is sent directly to the person in charge of holidays and shifting. They have an overview of every request so that none clash. This is a very simple solution to an awkward problem. None of these features are offered by any other clocking in systems.

Cost of our Attendance Management System:

Time to talk about money. Unlike biometric clocking systems, AttendanceRota doesn’t require any specialist hardware. You can use an affordable tablet, as long as it has a camera, screen, and an internet connection, you can use it! Using a biometric clocking system will require a dedicated scanner which only has one use, these usually cost around £80 each, whilst you can get a good tablet for £50.


Our system is the most cost-effective solution to a problem that grows as your business evolves. The automated scheduling reduces the daily struggle of working out people’s hours, the smooth communications channel allows you to easily connect with your employees and get messages to them effectively. If you have any questions or want to see how you can implement it into your business then. If you have still any query regarding “How attendance Rota is the best biometric system ?”, Feel free to ask in bellow comment.

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