A use case for Digital Documents

Read how Mr Wolf unlocked his potential to expand by saving on admin work using Digital Documents.

Mr Wolf from WolfLets…

… has used paper tenancies for years. New tenants would come in, he would take their particulars down, and add property details in. They would all sign it, and he’d give a xerox photocopy. This worked fine, albeit it was time consuming and little a clumsy.

But as more and more paperwork was required, Mr Wolf looked into digital solutions. There were many on the market. But they seemed to require him to create the forms and workflow which he wasn’t sure how to do, and sure he didn’t have the time for.

Digital Documents

Whilst on Facebook he saw an advert for Digital Documents by Uptivity. What caught his eye was it had pre-created forms built-in. He would be able to start using it from day one. He signed up to a free trial.



Now Mr Wolf doesn’t even have to fill in tenants details. All he asks for is an email address. He puts that into the form and the tenants receive links to fill in their own details. The relevant information then comes automatically into the eTenancy form. He checks it over and then they get a full tenancy to read and electronically sign. 


WolfLets is growing

With the times saved on admin, Mr Wolf has opened another two branches.

“We can now hunt in packs,” jokes Mr Wolf, “but more seriously, growing would have been much more difficult without Digital Documents, because the admin taken by all the new clients would have taken more time than I can work”. 



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