Checkki – FAQ

What type of checks can I perform using Checkki?

Checkki can cater for any type of checklist. Some examples are buildings & properties inspections, food & manufacturing checks, healthcare checks, retail & hospitality checks and much more.

Do I need to create checklists & inspections manually each time?

No. You can create templates of your checks and inspections that you carry out regularly. These templates can be manually copied to create new checklists or be set to recur automatically.

Can I work on multiple inspections at the same time?

Yes. The app user can have multiple checks or inspections assigned to them. They can work on these checks simultaneously since some checks might have to be paused for reasons beyond their control.

Does the app work offline?

Yes, Checkki App is designed to work in both offline and online mode so the checks and inspections can be completed when there is no connectivity. Once connected, all the data stored on the app is synced and uploaded onto the cloud. 

Does Checkki support follow-up tasks?

Yes! You can create follow up tasks and actions for other team members to attend. Checkki integrates and works with out maintenance management system MaintainPad that generates work requests and work orders.

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