A use case for Attendance Rota

Read how Blooming Days care home for the elderly benefited from the advanced features of Attendance Rota app.

I manage a care home

I run a care home Blooming Days. We have about 100 staff on all sorts of different shifts. And then some are casual, some agency, etc.
What we need to know is who came in and when. Legally we need to have some skills (like nurses) available all the time on the floor. I really need to know if someone is late or doesn’t turn up from a clocking-in system.

I want to know who is late

We now use Attendance Rota from Uptivity. Staff clock in & out by face-scanning onto a wall-mounted tablet.
The previous clocking-in system just gave me entry times for everyone, which had to be cross-referenced manually against shifts. The really good thing with Attendance Rota is, it does that. It also shows me only what I want. I don’t want to see who came in on time. I want to see those coming in late or not at all.  That’s what it does.

I need their hours worked

For casual staff, who don’t have shifts, I want to know when they are in, and a weekly (and monthly) sum of their hours. This is what I get. I don’t even have to sit with a calculator trying to add up their hours when I am trying to pay them. It tells me the number of hours they worked.

Less admin and more caring

By avoiding admin work, I can do the work which I really like: helping in the care of elderly and vulnerable people. From the care home owners perspective, with my being on the floor more, it means I can spot problems before they happen. So safer for residents and better for our CQC ratings.

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