Service-based businesses: is JustSell your e-commerce solution?

Feb 15, 2021 | Ecommerce

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Do you run a service-based business like a salon, florist, or even garage? Maybe you’ve a gardening business looking to expand! Well, our latest app package, JustSell, has a brand-new feature made just for you! 

Our new services feature means that e-commerce is no longer just a product-based business solution – booking online has never been easier! In addition to being able to provide services, we also have a selling option which means that businesses like salons for example that also sell products, will be able to do so in one app.

The benefits to going digital with your booking system? There are many, but here’s just one reason: during the COVID-19 outbreak and lockdowns, businesses have had to increasingly rely on over-the-phone, e-mail, and online booking as in-person booking stopped overnight. In businesses like veterinary practices, or even salons, this has meant there is a huge backlog of appointments waiting to be seen too, and an ever-busier phone line being called. By going digital with your booking service you’re not only complying with COVID-19 regulations, but you’re also easing the workload on your administrative and receptionist staff. Happy staff = booming business!

Human error is part of every SME business – mistakes happen! A great thing about going online is that these occurrences are dramatically lowered and appointments are missed less and less! Going online doesn’t just benefit customers though, it also benefits the business owner. Booking online services has shown to drastically reduce the amount of time-wasters and no-shows, with paying in advance acting as an incentive for people to not mess businesses around. It also acts as an assurance, that if someone doesn’t show, you’re still not losing business or wasting your hard-earned money!


So, what’s included?

When you choose JustSell as your e-commerce provider, we will provide you with:

  • your own bespoke and personalised webshop
  • branded business apps (including a sales representative app if this is something your business needs)
  • access to our operational business management apps
  • social media marketing management and advice




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Your webshop is what it says on the tin: YOURS!

A unique benefit to choosing Just Sell over other webshop providers is that your website is your own. Unlike with other webshop providers this means:

  • You get your own custom domain
  • You have full customisation ability
  • No limits to the number of products you sell or services you provide.

With all of your branded apps linked back to your webshop, you don’t need to worry about streamlining your services. Your webshop will act as the perfect middle-man between you and your customers; ensuring a smooth booking experience, and providing you with the ability to run your business exactly how you see fit.

Need some extra convincing? I wrote a blog post all about why having an online presence is important for any growing business in the digital age: click this link to find out more!


Branded Business Apps


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Unlike other webshop providers, with Just Sell you have the option to receive your very own branded applications for your use, and your customers. This is an incredibly handy way to reduce traffic on your phone-lines, prevent lost e-mail bookings, and track individual appointments with complete ease. Apps are incredibly important in the digital age; think about your own smartphone use – which apps do you use the most and why? Which ones do you find the most convenient? You might’ve said social media apps such as Facebook or Instagram, but you probably said Amazon, Ebay, or Etsy too. With your own app, you can compete against your big-name competitors in ways SME’s have been unable to do so before now. Because of it it’s versatility, JustSell can also be used in services such as healthcare and veterinary practices; the opportunities are endless!

Included apps are as follows:

  • Seller’s App: list any services or products you sell in your practice with full customisation available
  • Buyer’s App: your customers will be able to schedule appointments, book treatments, and purchase pet products with ease
  • Sales Rep App: if you hire salespeople you will be able to track where they are, what they are due, and how much they have made your business in one simple app


Operational Business Management Apps


Simplicity is one of the biggest selling points for Just Sell. Why? Well, with our Gold Package not only are you given your own branded apps and webshop, but you also have the option to use our operations management system apps:

This way all of your main operational tasks are under one provider meaning that any customer support you need comes to us. By streamlining your operations you’re able to better use your time doing what you do best; providing your services! With cross compatibility in mind across all of our apps, be reassured that our services run smoothly and efficiently with one-another, and support each other in your businesses needs.


Social Media Marketing


In the digital age, we all rely on social media to keep up with our local businesses. Not everyone knows how to social media market though, and that’s OK because we have you covered! At an additional cost, our marketing specialists can help you start up and run your social media pages:

  • Keep your customers up to date with business changes
  • Help your customers keep in contact with you
  • Share online shop offers and deals

Social media marketing may seem difficult, but with our help, watch your businesses online presence and engagement grow with your sales; attracting new and lifelong customers!


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