The 10 most important features every wholesale ordering software and the app should have 

Nov 17, 2022 | Ecommerce, JustSell B2B

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A wholesale ordering mobile app is the latest digital evolution of wholesale business. You can use other private platforms. However, if you want to get rid of their high commissions and policies. Then it’s better to launch your wholesale ordering app. For that purpose, here is a brief guide on things that your wholesale app must have for a successful Ecommerce wholesale business: 


High Quality and Engaging Products Images 


The first impression is the last. And that line is applicable on the Ecommerce side. It’s because 75% of people rely on photographs before they place an order. And 90% of buyers claim that photographs are the most important factor in influencing them to place an order. 


And no matter how good quality products you sell. If the display of your products on the app isn’t good. It’ll never influence the customers to order from your store. Therefore, make sure to display good quality products. Here’s what you can do about it: 




Filters and Sort of E-Catalogue 


Filters play an important role in the ease of shopping for your buyers. It’s an important factor in the role of customer ease. Every customer comes with a different mindset and different target for buying.  


A filter will allow your customer to arrange and filter out the products as they want. And the easier it is for them to find their product, the faster they will order the product. They might want to sort the products by low to high, reviews, quality, shipping fee and many other factors. This will eventually increase the chances of your conversion rate and better sales. 


Optimal Loading Speed 


Loading speed of Ecommerce mobile app

Loading speed of Ecommerce mobile app


According to Search Engine Journal, 70% of the buying influence of the customer is dependent on loading speed. It’s because customers don’t want to wait for an eternity to place their orders. They want instant loading speed and a fast order placement model.  


According to a report, a loading speed of more than 3 seconds can reduce conversions by up to 16%. Slow loading frustrates the buyer and no one wants an unusual wait. Therefore, make sure to use good hosting and optimise your app for a good and lowest loading speed. Here’s what you can do to increase the loading speed: 



  • Choose a good quality hosting 
  • Compress your images. Don’t do it too much that they become pixelated. 
  • Enable caching on your application. 
  • Reduce unusual scripts that you don’t need in the app. 
  • Delete unnecessary plug-ins and APIs. 



Simple Ordering Process 


Customers want ease, the more ease you provide them, the better conversion you’ll get. Don’t make the order placement process complex. According to Rest Labs: 


Your order placement process should be as easy as eating a pie.” 


But why? 


In other words, it’s a moment when you can either get a conversion or lose the conversion. And to get the conversion, make it easier and simpler as possible. Therefore, the order-placing process should be easy. How much ease? 


Step1 . Choose the product 
Step 2. Enter the address 
Step.3 Pay  


It should be that easy and simple for a good e commerce wholesale distributors business. 


For example, see Zomato’s ordering process (South Asia’s biggest online food ordering company): 


Zomato example for order placement

Zomato example for order placement


Convenience of Payments 


Make sure to use payment methods that are accessible and common in your buyer’s region. You don’t want to lose the conversion just because of the payment method. Therefore, give as many payment methods to your customers as you can. Consequently, make sure they are convenient for your customers as well.  


Meanwhile, try adding local payment methods as well. It’ll give a boost to your conversions and will prevent the loss of conversions just because of payment methods. E.g: 


  • E-wallets. 
  • Local bank transfer. 
  • PayPal. 
  • Other local payment methods exist in your targeted country. 


Above all, must enable debit card payments like Visa and Mastercard in your ecommerce mobile app design. It’s because 70% of buyers use their Visa/Mastercard for online purchasing. As it’s the most commonly accepted payment method as well. 


Brief and To-the-Point Description 


Just like high-quality images. The description of the product also matters for conversions. Therefore, make sure to add brief, but to-the-point information. Similarly, mention those things that can attract the customer. Your description of B2B wholesale Ecommerce products should include: 


  • To-the-point information. 
  • No fillers or biassed catchy lines. 
  • The description should sound neutral. 
  • Mention all the necessary and important information about the product. 


The description is the 2nd important factor after the images that influence the customer to order the product from your application. If the description isn’t clear in the Ecommerce  mobile app. Or if it’s making confusion, probably, your customer will bounce back for something else. As a result, you’ll lose your conversion. 


Give Order Information to the Customer 


In your B2B wholesale Ecommerce, it’s always a better idea to give the order information to your customer. Especially, in the application, your application isn’t complete without the dashboard. In the dashboard, your customer can see their analytics. The analytics will include: 


  • Order information 
  • SKUs 
  • Saved payments 
  • ETAs of orders 
  • Contact information 
  • Address 
  • Other information related to the orders. 


Why is that important in Ecommerce  mobile app? It’s because it’ll give ease to your customer related to your business. Moreover, it plays a great role in the loyalty of your customer.  


Integration with your Inventory 


  It works in the background, but it’s essential. You don’t want to call your customer and tell them “sorry sir, your ordered item isn’t available.” Do you know the consequences of this model?  


To prevent this, it’s essential to keep your application’s inventory updated and integrated with your master inventory. And most businesses use ERP as a master inventory. Therefore, it’s crucial to keep your application’s inventory integrated with the ERP.  


You can also use dedicated software Ecommerce IMS solutions to keep your inventory integrated and updated with the IMS of your ERP. 


Choose the Solution for your Wholesale Mobile Ecommerce 


Now, you can  either go with private development in which you’ve to set up the whole business from scratch: 


  • App development 
  • Hosting 
  • ERP integration 
  • Maintenance 


On the other hand, you can go with a pre-built solution like JustSell for mobile app Ecommerce. Why JustSell? Here’re the benefits of using pre-built solutions like JustSell: 


  • Pre-built branded app. 
  • Custom Ecommerce mobile app template
  • Built-in hosting. 
  • ERP integrated. 
  • Automated IMS. 
  • Company maintained the system. 
  • Integrated customer portal. 


However, there are thousands of Ecommerce solutions in the market for your Ecommerce wholesale distributors, so why only JustSell? Here’s a comparison chart that makes JustSell stand out from other competitors: 

JustSell comparison with others for mobile app wholesale Ecommerce

JustSell comparison with others for mobile app wholesale Ecommerce

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