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Nov 6, 2019 | Facilities & Maintenance, MaintainPad



CMMS is a really unfriendly term. If you didn’t know, it stands for Computerized maintenance management systemUghhh… that’s a mouthful, right? Actually, as I’m sure you know CMMS is really important for many people. They save a lot of time and they keep things organized. The problem is CMMS solutions cover a wide range of CMMS software and CMMS systems. They cover a wide range of different sectors. This means that employers that are looking to keep a tight ship can struggle to find a product that right for them. There are many CMMS solutions being offered in the UK particularly. So it’s really important that you find the product that suits your needs. Here we will discuss repair management: our CMMS designed for property managers.

Repair Management :

At MaintainPad, we have developed a CMS that is designed specifically with Property managers in mind. We call it Repair Management. It is a repair management system (funnily enough) designed to automate the communication between you, your landlord, your tenants, and your contractor.  Here’s how the repair process goes and how each person uses the app:  

  • Reporting the Repair:

The tenant finds the repair and reports the issue. They can take a photo on their photo and write a description of the issue.  

  • Finding a contractor:

You, as the property manager, get the notification that the tenant needs a repair.   You can locate a contractor and send a notification to the landlord, telling them about everything that’s going on. All at the touch of a button.

  •  Repairing the broken item:

The contractor and the tenant get to send each other’s information via the repair management app.  The contractor can, therefore, arrive when the tenant is ready and fix the item in good time. You have a happy tenant and a contractor that doesn’t get their time wasted waiting around at an empty house  

  • Everyone is happy:

The job’s been done. The Contractor is on their way to complete other jobs. You’ve invoiced the landlord and you’re now free to get on with other tenants and new properties.  


See? You now not only see what a CMMS is but also what our CMMS does.  In 2019, finding the best CMMS software can be tricky. But hopefully, we’ve helped clear things up.  Check out our product page for more information. You never know how much it could help you. Here we have discussed about repair management our CMMS designed for property managers if you still and any query Contact Us.

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