Reasons Why Ecommerce is Essential for The Growth of wholesale Business

Nov 11, 2022 | Ecommerce, JustSell B2B

Wholesale Ecommerce Solution

Wholesale Ecommerce is today the 9th biggest industry in the world covering 12% of the total GDP in 2022. Moreover, in 2021, about 1.66 billion businesses shifted towards Ecommerce.  


With these stats, it’s now proven that ECommerce is hiking like a rocket. Especially, for the growing wholesale business, it’s essential. Here’s a brief guide on why Ecommerce is essential for the growth of the wholesale business: 


Ecommerce Wholesale Business Saves Time 

Ecommerce wholesale business

Ecommerce wholesale business

With online wholesale business, you’ll save time. Instead of talking over the phone and managing orders manually. The Ecommerce platform will take over your manual tasks. From receiving orders to making the insight sheet, it’s 100% automated and doesn’t require human help. Therefore, it helps the business owner to save time and effort by automating the process. 


Speeds Up The Growth 


If we talk about the potential, b2b wholesale Ecommerce has no competition with the offline store. Ecommerce has got no boundaries, no borders and no geographical restrictions. On the other hand, conventional stores can only cover a specific audience.  


In this way, you can cover a vast amount of audience. This increases the potential of your business. And eventually, it speeds up your growth if you do the business in the right way.  


No Physical Expenses 

an B2B store

an B2B store

With an Ecommerce wholesale business, you don’t need any kind of physical store. It saves you money in building a physical store for your clients. And of course, with no store, no bills and staff salaries. Most of your business is based digitally. The only physical space you will need is the inventory storage. And that’s much cheaper as compared to the store rent. 


Cover Digital Audience 


Did you know that according to a survey, 80% of Ecommerce buyers’ ages range from 19-28? It means, most of them are from a digital background. On the other , it’s an era where conventional buyers are shifting towards digital consumers, but digital consumers never shift to conventional models. This gives you the potential to cover those audiences which are from a digital background (majority).  


Your Wholesale Business On the Go 

wholesale business on the go

wholesale business on the go

With an Ecommerce store, you can sell and manage all your business on the go. Because, it doesn’t require any physical location. It’s a 100% digital business, so you can manage it from almost anywhere in the world with the internet.  


It gives you an edge over the ones who do their business with conventional methods. Moreover, if your platform supports mobile applications, you can manage your business with a smartphone. 


Automated Process | No Manual Labor Required 


With Ecommerce, most of the work is shifted to the automated process. Especially, if you’re using an best wholesale ecommerce platform solution, they usually offer all the tools to make your business analytics automated and instant. It ditched the manual data entry work. Therefore, you don’t need to hire any employee for managing orders, process payments and analytics.  

Wholesale business growth with Uptivity

Wholesale business growth with Uptivity

Upgrade your profit and business  conventional offline business into Ecommerce with JustSell and increase your business’s  

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