How to Get Rid of Commission in Ecommerce Building Supplies Platforms

Oct 28, 2022 | Ecommerce, JustSell B2B

How to get rid of commission in e-commerce building supplies platform

Did you know, there are over 24 million Ecommerce shopping sites on the internet? And these Ecommerce online stores cover 30% of the whole internet. With these stats, you might have gotten an idea of the Ecommerce industry.  Ecommerce has potential in every industry. Whether it’s the food industry, electronics or even Ecommerce Building Supplies, an online store is ideal for any type of consumer business.  

Commission Problem with Ecommerce Building Supplies  Platforms  

ecommerce building geographical barrier

ecommerce building geographical barrier

Besides the ease of Ecommerce solutions provider. One major issue with those platforms is their commission %. Almost all the platforms that offer Ecommerce building merchants solutions have a commission. Some platforms charge in %, a specific fee, or both.  Here are the bulleted points that might help you: 

  • Shopify: 2.9% +.3$ 
  • SANA COMMERCE: 10,000 records: $2,500 
  • Big Commerce: 2.59% + 0.49$ 
  • Orocommerce: Not exposed on the internet. 

Not just that, they increase their commission % when the sales cross £1 million in revenue. However, JustSell keeps its profit to 0% no matter how much net revenue you made from your sales.   

JustSell Ecommerce Solution for Building Merchants with 0% Commission 

Yes, 0%. JustSell is the market’s only Ecommerce building supplies solution that offers a 0% commission policy on your sales no matter how many sales you do. We don’t charge any type of hidden fee, transaction or commission like other platforms. The money that you generate from the sale is yours, and we don’t take any percentage out of it.   

Earn Maximum Profit with JustSell 

comparison Ecommerce solutions By giving a small % commission to the platform, you can end up paying a significant amount of money. And it results in a major loss in profit. However, with JustSell, there’s no commission. This model allows you to earn maximum profit from your sales. 

No Compromise on Quality 

best Ecommerce platforms for Ecommerce building supplies JustSell is committed to offering you 100% authentic and quality service. Especially for building materials sellers, our Ecommerce building supplies platform can be your best choice. From inventory to getting your 1st customer, our business is optimised for your niche. This makes us the only platform that charges 0% commission and is optimised for building suppliers.   

Fastest Store Builder 

With justSell, you can get your online store live within 30 days, which is the fastest turnaround time as compared to competitors. How? Because our business model is specifically built for the building suppliers. Unlike other platforms, you don’t need to customise from scratch. That’s why your JustSell store is ready to go live within 30 days.    Maximise your profit by paying 0% commission and the lowest annual fee with JustSell. Schedule your live demo now for more information: 

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