How Food & Bevarage Wholesalers can benefit from Sales Rep App

Nov 22, 2022 | Ecommerce, Sales Rep App

Sales rep app benefits

Order-taking apps can help you to improve efficiency, productivity and profit in your wholesale food and beverage business. They have become a high demand and an upgraded alternative for conventional paperwork-based order tracking.  The best sales app for small business can make it easier for you to manage your business, allowing you to keep track of all the analytics, check-out products before their expiry, manage the cash flow of a sales rep, and many other practical benefits.

This article provides a brief overview of how food and beverage businesses can benefit  from sales rep applications: 

Saves Time in Order Taking Process with Sales Rep app

sales rep app reduces time consumption

Sales rep app reduces time consumption

Did you know, 60% of customers will discard their order application if the order-taking process takes more than 1 minute? No one wants to wait, especially beta customers who’re giving the 1st order to test your product.  

The major cause of order-taking applications is the paperwork that your sales rep does. They have to create the application from scratch every time for a new customer. And this consumes time 

On the other hand, using an automated Sales Rep app doesn’t consume any time or a few seconds. In the application, the agent can take their orders digitally on a form. Therefore, they don’t have to create a custom form on paper every time for new customers. It saves time and speeds up the process by up to a few seconds. 

Reduces Human Error 

Sales rep app reduces human error in order taking

Sales rep app reduces human error in order taking

To reduce human error in your food and beverage business, you need to have a process that’s reliable and repeatable. It’s never possible with manual paperwork. And here’s where the order-taking application comes in handy. 

The most obvious benefit of the order-taking application is that it reduces human error. The order taker can enter orders into the system without having to make any mistakes. This ensures that customers receive their orders on time, which can prevent them from having to wait too long for an order or cancel an order at the last minute. 

Customer Satisfaction Portals on Sales Rep app

Customer's feedback

Customer’s feedback

According to DriveResearch, feedback and surveys can save your business from long-term money loss. A sales tracking app for small business can provide you with feedback solutions. The agents can also take customers’ feedback through the application. However, it’s only possible if the application supports the feedback option. 

With feedback, the business can monitor the performance of their sales rep department and the satisfaction of their customers. Consequently, it’ll help the business to alter its operations, marketing, service and food delivery as per the customer’s feedback. That can benefit the business in many terms. 

Sales Rep can Choose Targeted Customers  

Targeted customers

Targeted customers

With the sales rep application, agents can choose their preferred shopkeepers and get the most out of their time. The field sales tracking app will display them as the best possible shopkeeper for their food and beverage orders, based on their location and availability of products. Other information that the application will display: 

  • Shopkeepers or businesses that bought the product from them in past 
  • Closest shop or business near them 
  • Shops or businesses assigned by their manager 

Consequently, it’ll help the wholesale food business to check out their products faster and more efficiently before their expiry arrives. 

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