Surveys, Risk Assessment, Quality Standards made easier with Checkki

Feb 8, 2023 | Checkki, Facilities & Maintenance

What is Checkki?

Checkki App is a digital tool to help businesses carry out surveys, data collection, risk assessments, compliance, and standard checks.

Carry out compliance checks and risk assessments digitally, train your staff via the App, manage your day to day operations with just one click with Checkki


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Manage your business’ health and safety compliance from one app, with up-to-date pre-populated specific check-lists created with Facility Management guidelines in mind.

On the App, you can find pre-populated risk assessments, you can fill in cleaning, Health & Safety, back to work or compliance checklists digitally and safely, just on a smartphone or tablet.

Why do you need digital checklists?

According to an article published in Harvard Business Review, nearly half of all workplace deaths are due to human error.

That’s why it is important to use checklists when you perform tasks and processes. A checklist helps ensure that no steps get forgotten during the performance of a task, which can prevent errors.

Checklist systems also help create clear communication pathways. If someone else does not know what step comes next in a process, they cannot do their job properly.

By using digital checklists, this flow of information is more easily accessible. People who work under you can access the list at any time to see the next step in the process.

Avoid having to spend extra time creating and updating checklists yourself, as people outside your organisation can access them too. This removes one of the major reasons why employees may leave their position — lack of advancement opportunities or growth.

More efficient operations When workers have to remember everything themselves, there is an increased chance of mistakes. By giving them easy access to important documents and info, things run more smoothly.

Improvement in productivity It takes less time for them to complete jobs because they don’t have to look through old documents and notes anymore.

Thoroughness is much easier to achieve with checklists than if individuals had to learn about the process individually.

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checkki-Maintain safety and quality standards


How will digital checklists improve efficiency, reduce costs and save time?

One of the biggest causes of inefficiency at work is having too many things left out until you do them. This is very common when workers have to make decisions on their own and depend more on personal expertise than formal training or education.

By using digital checklists, your organisation will save time because everything will be provided for you! Certain apps can even monitor and update checklist items as they are completed or expired.

This cuts down on someone else’s job while also providing confirmation that all steps have been done correctly. Not only that, but it helps ensure that nothing gets forgotten since everything is seen directly online.

Checkki is not only an App that only contains checkboxes, in the Checkki App you can find multiple answer types, automate your reports, upload files, update your team instantly, and much more.

If that’s not what you’re looking for, you can also modify our pre-made checklists to fit your business’ niche and needs.

Create inspections checklists and task lists for your tenants or contractors. Generate reports for each completed checklist including pictures. Stay compliant and remind your employees to fill in health and safety checklists.

Teach your staff how to do each job properly by attaching training videos. Carry our risk assessments digitally manage your day to day to day operations with just one click .

Train your staff ensure checks are done consistently, streamline and make your day to day management or manufacturing operations more efficient.

There is so much that Checkki allows you to not only perform these risk assessments quickly and with now paperwork involve, but also allows you to record and store the results for your own records that you can revisit later.

All of this can be completed from one App!

checkki industry selection

Checkki industry selection

Generate reports from completed checklists with the option to include photos as evidence of task completion etc. in-app and with the tap of a screen.

For long-term records, receive summary reports of multiple checklists over a chosen period of time; great for comparing financial quarters and years, or your companies’ performances annually.

Once complete, generate and distribute PDF reports by email directly from the App, and send to all of the relevant parties.

Checkki is a very versatile app, created for businesses that need swift results and up-to-date information. Uptivity have what you need to increase your efficiency and to work safely.

Some of the features of Checkki are as follows:

1. Use pre-defined checklists
2. Edit existing checklists as per your needs
3. Send PDF reports directly from the App
4. Training
5. Server Hosting
6. Support
7. Updates and Backups
8. New features

You can also choose enhanced Checkki to create your own checklists from scratch and use the Checkki notification features

See how Checkki can help your business, schedule a demo today to see it in action!


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