A Beginner’s Guide to Finding an Amazon Alternative

Mar 23, 2021 | Ecommerce

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Amazon. We all know it, and many of us use it. Even those of us who aren’t swayed by it’s Prime benefits, at least know it’s name, branding, and CEO. It is a textbook example of a household name (and a GIANT at that!), but can it be trusted when it comes to protecting small businesses who use it’s third-party seller features? Perhaps not. So what then, if any, is the Amazon alternative?

Amazon is a brand that has faced scrutiny by many over the past few years in particular (so much so, it’s controversies have their own Wikipedia landing page!) and this has prompted many to look elsewhere to do their e-commerce selling and buying. Throughout the pandemic, many on social media have moved away from the conglomerate in favour of supporting smaller, independent businesses on alternative platforms. The problem with moving away from Amazon however is that you’re dealing with… well… Amazon!

I’m sure you know and need no explanation, but Amazon are everywhere, and they sell just about anything in order to compete with their lesser used competitors like Etsy and Ebay. For example, in recent years there has been a movement within the online book and publishing community to move away from buying books through the notorious powerhouse because of it’s over competitive prices. Whilst Amazon can afford to slash prices by up to 40% in some cases, and 90+% in others, smaller booksellers are feeling the struggle to keep up, especially because of Amazon’s convenient one-day delivery. For independent booksellers, Amazon’s monopolisation of online bookselling is an obvious cause for concern…

A fear of Amazon, and the stress of finding an Amazon alternative, is therefore often enough for people to put up and shut up with the mega corporations ever tightening rules and restrictions on third-party sellers. But this can change, and can only do so if small businesses (who are the backbone of Amazon) make the essential move away from the platform.

So what are the alternatives? Aren’t they all the same; charging extortionate listing prices, hiding costly hidden fees, and increasingly leaving independent businesses behind in pursuit of the smell of money?! Well… a good chunk of them arguably are! Even alternative platforms like Etsy that have gained HUGE popularity in the past decade or so, are seeing established creators moving away from their platform due to their advertising policies.

This is where JustSell comes in. With JustSell, not only are there no hidden fees or listing prices, but you also receive your own bespoke business branded apps and webstore. What does this mean? It means you’re completely independent and fully in control of your own business and brand. If Amazon’s looming threats of deplatforming sellers with no apparent reason is enough to scare you off, now you have an alternative. Alongside this, JustSell comes with great, personalised support to help you along the way – something Amazon severely lacks (especially when it comes to customer fraud and returns!). As a cherry-on-top, JustSell also offers a complete business operations management package and additional social media support, just in case you need an added hand to get things up and running.

So what are you waiting for? Find out more about JustSell now!  

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