4 Ways of Preventing Theft in Construction Business

Oct 17, 2022 | Ecommerce, JustSell B2B

A construction project can take months to years to be completed. It involves the use of heavy construction equipment e.g, heavy machines, raw materials, and handheld devices. You can’t just carry them with you to the warehouse every night for protection. That’s why most of the equipment has to be left on the site at night. In this situation, materials stolen from sites are the most common epidemic.According to the Construction Executive, about $1 billion worth of theft in construction business occurs annually. It not just causes a financial loss to the company, but also delays the project and other issues at the construction site. Below, in the article, we’ve written an in-depth guide to theft during construction, pay construction site security, and protect your site equipment from being stolen.

Equip GPS and Auto Shut-off Systems in Heavy Equipment

lockers to prevent stealing in construction business The first thing you can do is install a GPS or auto-shut-off system in the heavy equipment at your construction site. These devices involve the GPS tracking and ignition shut-down switch that is integrated with the ECU. When an unauthorised person tries to move or start the machine, the security system will shut down the ignition. Moreover, with GPS, you can track your machines in real-time.

Build Temporary Lockers

You can also build temporary lockers at the construction site. In those lockers, you can store all the light equipment including jacks, drill machines, painting machines, generators, and other kinds of light electrical equipment. The temporary lockers might be an expensive solution, but at least they’ll protect your expensive equipment at night or whenever the site is closed. However, make sure to stick the locker on the ground so thieves can’t pick the lockers with themselves.

Use Inventory Management Software

The inventory management systems are an all-in-one solution to manage all the stocks and information related to them. This software will allow you to keep track of all the equipment, its status, usage details, and other check and balance details. In this way, you’ll know exactly at what time and at what point your equipment got stolen, so you can track the stolen stuff quickly and efficiently and prevent theft in construction business. In the market, there are thousands of IMS systems, and JustSell is one of them. It features all the updates and real-time features including, stock monitoring, order management, and barcode scanning features. All these features of JustSell will enable you to keep an eye on the status of your equipment and materials efficiently. Secure your construction site stuff through JustSell. Book our free 30 days demo today! No credit/debit card is required.

Use Attendance Management System

attendance management system You can also use attendance management apps as you get in a JustSell to prevent theft in construction business . It allows you to keep track of all your employees e.g, their check-in, check-out time, and absence. Solutions like JustSell feature a biometric face recognition attendance system so no employee can trick their attendance in your business. With this technique, you will know which employee stayed after the shift ended. This can help the business owner to identify the thief in case of any kind of theft at the site and to ensure the building equipment security.

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